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Mega Minion

“Flying, armored and powerful. What could be its weakness?! Cupcakes.”


  • The Mega Minion is unlocked from the Royal Arena (Arena 7).
  • It is a short ranged, flying troop with moderate health and high damage.
  • A Mega Minion card costs 3 Elixir to deploy.
  • It spawns one large Minion wearing a full suit of armor.


  • It is mostly able to be used to back up other air troops, as it does not have very much health.
  • The Mega Minion is mostly usable as a defense card as it is a slow glass cannon.
  • Its high damage and medium hitpoints allow it to be able to defend relatively well against many ground-based pushes, while not being as vulnerable to Zap, Arrows, or Fireball as a Minion Horde or Minions.
  • The Mega Minion is capable of reaching a Crown Tower on its own, due to its medium hitpoints, but will not be able to do very much damage. This is also due to the fact that it can be easily countered by cards such as the Musketeer.
  • The Mega Minion is effective against Balloon combos as due to its damage and health it can survive Arrows or Fireball and still have some health to take out the Balloon before it attacks a Crown Tower.
  • Mega Minion is slower than Minions and the Inferno Tower can easily take him out.
  • A Fireball 3 levels higher than the Mega Minion can kill it in one shot except at level 1.
  • To defend against a Minion Horde, the player can place this card in the middle so the horde of minions will be pulled to the center, delaying them from reaching a Crown Tower and killing at least two of them. However, a few minions will likely survive.
  • Mega Minion is not as effective as Minions when it comes to large quantities of weak troops, such as Skeleton Army or Graveyard, as the Mega Minion is one, opposed to three Minions.
  • Due to the Mega Minion’s low speed and moderate health, it is most effective when used on defense, then is supported with a tank like the Giant or similar cards to be used on a counter offensive.


  • It drops its helmet upon death, similarly to the Knight when he drops his sword, the Dark Prince dropping his club, or the Executioner dropping his ax.
  • The Mega Minion’s health is a little higher than 3 Minions of equivalent level put together, while its damage per second is lower.
  • The Minions and Minion Horde’s descriptions say that the regular Minions are “unarmored”, which is now revealed to be in contrast to this “armored” Mega Minion.
  • The mask covering the Mega Minion’s mouth is very similar to the visor on the Prince’s helmet.
  • It’s most likely slower than the Minions is because of the heavy armor it wears to protect itself from damage.


Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Type Rarity
1.4 sec Medium 1 sec 2 Air & Ground 3 Troop Rare


Level Hitpoints Damage Damage per second
1 395 147 98
2 434 161 107
3 477 177 118
4 525 195 130
5 576 214 142
6 632 235 156
7 695 258 172
8 762 283 188
9 837 311 207
10 920 342 228
11 1,011 376 250

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