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Elder all

theCOOKIEjar #88LRLC2Y 2000

Home of Cookie Monster_YT
I currently have 4100+ trophies.
Looking for active members to donate and participate in clan chest.
Would really appreciate it if you guys joined!

fniggers fniggrs hate niggers

hate niggers

gravewalkers skeleton  

you can get your donation very fast.active clan and friendly clan.donate 500 for co....free elder

Leb Forces #2RLQCQL2 3000

We r Back join us for free super decks everyweek!
Let's rebuild our clan!

justice legend clash of ng  

#it will be cool to join!!

AMERACO Ameraco 2800 trophies

Active Clan, Elder on 100 donations, Co-leader on 500 donations and 1 clan chest. Join us now

ZelexClan 2gpopppj 2600

Always Helpful-Donate-10-10 clan chest•


What's GUCCI in this neighborhood??

Synergy #88PQCUJU First 10 people to join will receive elder

Looking for active members who love the game, and want to have fun


pokemon gottea catch them all

GREEN N' GRIN #28Y22CCQ Donate and be respectful!

WHY JOIN ?: New clan seeking good and respectful players all over the world. This clan is an OPEN-TO-ALL. Help the clan and yourself grow to become the BEAST! Join us, WORLD! ||Donations are compulsory.||

insert clanname #2JGPCCJY Over 2200 trophies and active members only

An active clan ready for good, new participants. We always get high tiers in the chests and have a very good system of promoting and kicking! You will be welcome!

Hunner Masty ₹₹ Most powerful  

Most powerful

Marquis Element   600 trophies

marquis thebest

Clash Games #28PCV88L None

Friendly clan and lots of opportunities for co leader and cool twist on everything

DaRk RanGEr # 1   party


TOAST_ARMY #88JPL2JY 1200 trophies, stay active, donate

Stay active, Donate, and be friendly! Not being active or donating a lot will result in a kick.

Ogilvu   0 trophies but a loyal member

We like new and fast growing members who are loyal to their clan!

Frisco Texas   88C9G2YR

Family-friendly clan for families in the US. Clan curated by mom & pop!


Free elder be nice do not kick top 5 and my friends Co ok ofgs and friends only


Бесплатная эротика и секс фото галереи

Triomio #2UQCUUOV  

EU clan
All are welcome

TOAST_ARMY   1,000 Trophies

Hi and welcome to my clan! If you want to stay in this clan, you have to follow some rules. Stay active, be nice, and donate a lot! If you do not stay active, you will be kicked or demoted. You can be promoted by participating in clan chests and donating.

Krintel   Need more members

It is an active clan

SYNERGY #2R9G8JOC 2000 Trophies

♕♕♕ Australia based clan. Looking for active members to help make the local top 200. Very new clan. Help us battle in 2v2 and become a part of something greater. JOIN TODAY! Promotions earned. #2R9G8JOC Clan Leader: KYEISAGOD Request to join. ♕♕♕

Pov Council #2PCLRQY 2400 Trophies

Share replays and lots of troops! Active clan building up members, regular clan tournaments and nice people 🙂

Team Frogz    

Just a Clan

The Beasts... #2J28VGC0 No requirements free to join

We donate a lot fight with us help each other i am hitgirl good players will get co leader it must be earned by playing regular come join us and lets war.......

The Bandits 89cco2lr  

Everyone is welcome if active

Nortonclan #9RY929V Donate and participate in clan activities

We've just been through a leadership change and we're trying to build up a newer and better clan! Looking for active members to be a part of our newly growing clan! The more involved you are in the clan the better we can make it! Some come help make our clan better!

#ChaoticSilence #22UVPP2Y None

Active friends looking to form a tight knit group of other active players who are interested in filling donations and achieving the max clan chest each week.

The Bandits 89CCO2LR Be active

New clan created June 12 2017 already 7 members more to join leader is shaun

Instinct #8lgg9r80 Just be active

Help us get clan chest and help with 2v2s plz that's all we ask right now there is 4 of us and we are super active

Darkness reborn   3000+crown and maintain donation ratio

We love clashing and our clan is awesome we keep on using new decks and we got all the cards unlocked and we take this game seriously... And the most important thing WE HATE YOUTUBE CLASH ROYALE GUYZ...

BarbaricOnes #2JC9GULP  

We are looking for anyone and everyone, we are looking to grow and are open

Knights of Arc 88R9PURG None

New clan! Be active and earn promotions!

int. clan 24/7 88GLQ2GJ No

An active clan, that rewards donations, 2 elders and one co leaders for 2 weeks

Platinum Titans #20C0VPUL Any trophies

Have fun and do well in clan chest

#squad #88YPVJOL 400 trophies and be active

Super friendly clan, currently at 14 people and growing, clan score is about 10 000. The leader (me) is the top of the clan and I am in hog mountain. With 9 people participating in the clan chest, we still have a tier 5 clan chest, going to be tier 6 so everybody is active. A lot of people in my clan are my friends so they will be super nice.

Tuxedo Pekka 84   None

On every day a lot of the day to and always does team battles and has 5 members after 5 days of it being online

TheSlayerz 2QYVQPC2 Must be active, donate, and participate in clan chest, no othe rules, just have fun!

Original TheSlayerz, Donate and Participate in Clan Chest, Don't cuss or you will be kicked, SLAY ON!

#squad 88YPVJOL Be active😃

Our clan is super friendly, we currently have 1w people and ten o those are my friends so they will be very nice to You😇😇They will also donate a lot of cards. This clan was made in June 8 2017

Clash n burn #82C08R0 4121

Welcome to clash n burn sub:clash n burn,coc(indowarclan and indowarclan2) selamat puasa untuk yg menjalankannya

Team Diamond #89LV0RGJ  

New clan for active members from any location. Come join us!! We are seeking to grow and rise the ranks 🙂

deede popop popopo


Clan Namr 2R00YUGR  

I am growing an active clan for donations and chat feel free to join!

team vitez    


Enigma GG   2000 Trophies

New and upcoming clan. Competitive but welcoming! Looking to push the ladder together. Ex Nova UK players looking to start a fresh! Any questions Just ask!

CR Dark Knights #2GUYJGQ2 Need new members

Donation will be full on just join us.
☣Clan Recruitment:-
1)Stay active and online donation from our side will be more than fine.
The larger and faster u donate ,the faster u promotes to co-leader,elder.

#hun4ever 50 1 0000000000000000 legendary chest

Aktivak jöjjenek be


Polski młody klan, miła atmosfera, tylko aktywni gracze, pomoc nowym rekrutom 🙂

GSWarriors123 #2YQOY89U None

Keep calm and love basketball. Ball is life.

Cr noobs Hammer None

Pls be active to semi-active. All noobs are welcome. Hack promotions aren't. We are a clan who wants to play the game but are bad at it. Hence the name. 😉 old join

The Goats #888C8PUC 2000

Just make sure to be active

Connock Ksnvlw Pooooo


NaLaPula #2C9U4RQY I do not have any requirements

If you help the clan, you will be helped

island Gyal Jamaican flag 400

We accept anyone, above 400 trophies be as active as possible, donate if you can more you donate you will be ranked up the clan

2gonzalomendez ? 1300 trofeos

Para los más activos

DARK CLASHERS #2JPL2RC2 1600 trophies

Hello. This is a new clan. I created this clan hoping to have a good time with members who are active especially in events and clan chests to get the maximum rewards possible. Be polite, respect your clan mates, and donate as much as you request. Elder and co leader are earned not just given. have a wonderful day and night.

Ultra Drivers #8LQ89U2L +1000 Trophies

Welcome to the Ultra Drivers. No begging if promotions, will be ignored, through trust, inv only due to bots. Created: June 2017

V60™ #2CC88JOP 200 trophies

V60™ Is a tight not clan, made for newbies who are looking for a dependable clan to stick with. Be active or you get da boot. Be generous in your donations. Help your clanmates grow stronger. We start out as bottom feeders but we WILL hit the leaderboard.

To reach Co-lead- Earn my trust and donate 350
To reach Elder- Earn a Co-leader's or my trust
and donate 175

Leader: BellHopCat

Co-leaders: N/A

Elders: N/A

Nova Dutch #UJ9CU2R 2400 trophies + activity

The official Nova Dutch clan. All people are welcome, but most of the players are Dutch. If we have 50 members, the lowest 2 get kicked so we have room. Inactive players get kicked if they don't do well with the clanchest. We would love to see you!

Clun4Fun #2JGVQLUY  

Welcome to our clan.

UK Underdogs 8lq9vjlg No trophie limit

The rules are simple.
Minimums are :
30 towers for clan chest.
5 points towards the doubles chest
200 donations .
Elders and co given for hard work and commitment .
Are. Inch of friendly nerds who donate lots and get the clan chests .


It's time to grow

Drummer Geeks #28UJGU8Q O trophies-None

We are Gamers just having fun so join and have fun and compete and help out the clan.We help you and you help us.

Join we have fun and are chilled and relaxed

twolves #88CRJ2RC 600 Trophies

We welcome anyone who wishes to join our clan regardless of your location. We are a small clan since we just started. Don't worry about donating we only wish that you participate in the clan chest a bit each week.

PR-Royale 2jj90cvq Que sean respetuosos a todo momento

Donaciones y batallar para los cofres del clan

Trump #828Y8GPJ 1800 trophies. 200 donations a week. 20 crowns for clan crown chest. For Clan battle chest at least 4 wins per person.

Let's make America great again. You should join this clan because we are active and donate a lot and anyone who does not meet the clan standards will be kicked to have as many active members as possible. Those with YouTube channels will get their channel promoted if you do well in this clan.

vas dim  

μονο κουλιδες κιτρο ψωφα


welcom clashers...original butanese original clashers...YOUR DONATION MUST BE ATLEAST100 per week

efsanevi ege ay barbarlar

klan savaşı yapcak ya da arkadaşlarım gelsin

HONOR OF MALAYA #C9QPP2 2400 minimum trophies.


Dankgangsters #2UR90GGP Co leader elder member

I bet it won't work

The cool clan #2G2RJCGC  

Always be active and participate in events



Kingdom goblin #2PP8QY2C 2000

Entra ae doido

Team Maina #9829PPL nothing 🙂 Just be friendly with the other people

now we are 32/50 but we must be 50/50

Ramen Kingdom #29QQJJJ2 None, apart from being good and active.

Welcome. Udon. Inactivity respected during the school term. Stabby stabby goblins.

Join us today to help the new clan grow! Once we get bigger we will aim to remove the worst member at the end of each week, so fight to say on top! When we reach the leaderboard we will only do is every fortnight, until WE ARE THE BEST!!!


Phan club #2QC80LGL 1500 trophies

We are a fun clan always active, we have high level players, we just do not have enough members




Галерея порно фото ради взрослых

Axis #88VCGJ9U The only two requirements are to be active and competitive.

This is a new clan. It will be a very active and competitive clan. if you are not active you will be kicked.

Sad orphans #2RLVVQJQ 200 trophies, active members, and donate daily

This clan is striving to be one of the very best, with active members who will contribute when clan challenges appear! People who will request and donate because they are smart enough to know that it gives money and xp. If you are one of these people then search for sad orphans! Since its name is unique it will be the only result!

Florida #220Y2CL 2000 trophies or higher

More than 33000 Clan score
Must have more than 2000 trpohies

True Atlanta #890PYQP9 1800 trophies

A clan located in Atlanta. Donate and be active or be booted.

lcdg lcdg  

sadece okuldakiler

MiDWest USA 2CY9U9LR 200

Midwest USA. Donate consistently for promotions

Toxic™   High amount of trophies

Trying to become the top 1 clan in Norway atleast. We make 10/10 clan chest every time.

BP~Incorporated #80JCVVQ2 2000 trophies and active player

We are a new clan that i put together because i dnt want to be apart of anymore clans that are missing something if u join be prepared to donate and to recieve donations we help eachother out on lvling up and try your best in clan chests thank you! Also we dont care if u swear or anything we all do to were a cool group of people

Brokers #2PP90V29 0+

We allow low levels joining us, because we know how hard it is to find a good clan on low level.
The most important thing is that you do donate and play the game.

We do donate a lot. We finish our weekly chests fast, and we expect you to participate and make it even faster for us.

Join now. DONT WAIT! Get your Clash Royale future - Funner, Easier and with the best clan there is.


We are new clan looking for clan members

Dooptiplets 829l2qo 200 trophies

Everyone's welcome, 👋🏻req and leave; or stay. No requirements❌, elder and co come with loyalty! 😇

Death S.Q.U.A.D #82JY9JOL No requirements

New clan! Play to have fun. Donate and play for clan chests!


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zGh0stzZ 1:1  

Wir Hassen Mustii Weil Er Ein Huso Ist

Team CB #8L2PQC2J Active players

New up and coming clan. Non active players will definitely be kicked.

igor igor igor


TheBlueLegion #82GUCRLY 1000 trophies+

this is a friendly and active clan. this is a feeder clan to TheRedLegion. both clans have youtubers as leaders so join and you can feature in their videos and we aim for 10/10 crowns each week in chests

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