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Clan Name Clan Tag Requirements Clan description

Long live Shiven and don't forget to donate

!!RoYaLites!! #8YVLRL8L Active members only

Its a super new sexy clan join and you can ask for promotion from our lady leader ....learn new strategies discuss about previous battles and improve your skills....keep slaying...keep clashing...thank you for joining in advance 😉

.Heavy Fire. #8U9RP080 1600

join .Heavy Fire. because 10/10 clan chest we can do that with all of you just need your help guys stay active and donate so joinnn

NoMercy 8U9CVYUY 3000

20 crowns minimum. NO MERCY WILL BE SHOWN

Cianide 2.0 8QLRQGQR Minimum 800 trophies, open to everybody

Welcome to our clan, Cianide 2.0 ! Donate and participate in clan events to earn promotions! Our clan is a great place for hanging out and having fun! We all work together and are friends! We believe that the best clans are clans that not only have friendly and active members, but true partnership when playing clash Royale in clan events. Cianide 2.0 definitely has all the things mentioned above, so please join! Let's have fun playing Clash Royale!



Shadowhunters #2CCUJLUJ 200+, be active, request and donate

Always trying to get better, willing to donate, very active leader


1.Stay active 2.No cussing 3.help in the clan chest 4.Elder is free Co leader is trust 5.Have FUN!!!

TheRedLegion #8QGYGLR 3000+

we are a friendly clan that donates lots. i am the leader and i am a youtuber and if you join you could be involved in my videos. you need to be in jungle arena or higher. also we have an amazing clan atmosphere for you to join if you do.

Clash Royal #8p82QpYjY

Amine 13

50 Royal Kings #8LJU2VGP 0 trophies required

FREE Elder. Be active for Co Leader. Join our growing clan and lets be the best clash kings!

True Warrios #8PUQVJPJ 1800 trophies and be active.

come and join our family friendly clan!

Trust Issues #82GQ288U None

Donate and be active to help everyone earn the clan chest

Daddy Catfish #820yucg9 1000

Looking for active players that want an active clan to get donations quickly. Also want good contributors to clan chests.

No Limit #8P92R9VR none

Respect each others. We play together with fun.

Sea Cows #82RQLP8J 2000+ Trophies |Active Members| Donations!!|

So my clan is pretty new and only has 5 members, but I am trying to find players who are willing to try and help our clan! Most of us are in arena 9 and hopefully we can find players who are active and good! CLASH ON!

Sea Cows #82RQLP8J 1800

Donate and be active. Clan chest is important

Feed Floppers #2C2Y29U9 400 trophies

Friendly clan, recently lost lots of members, trying to improve again. All active members welcomed 🙂

SpyMasters #8GRQ8Q28 None

Looking to grow with active and participating players.

Money #P80QLCG none!

We are accepting of anyone, any level or amount of crowns. Just participate in donating cards & getting crowns for the clan chest!

peneishub #8LQ8Y2OP 3200 trophies

Only good players to be in arena 10 and above. It's elite but plenty of banter

BHaRtiYe SeNa 7 #8PVL2QLY 2000

Play and win but don't forget to donate for elder 600


Just looking for some new players

Etherious #898RUQ8V 2000+

You're more than welcome to join us 💙😍

B€@ST #8GL2v0jy2 Gems and coins

It's important

RDK #8CQ0822PU  

Troll decks required

ThePack Tyler_Jordan8 We want active members for clan chests

A ton of our clan members have been leaving due to inactive members of our clan. I took the liberty of kicking them out. If you wish to do so, please join. We've been going through some rough patches lately.
Hope to see you in the arena!

GoblinChefs #82J92G92 3 crowns clan chest

Goblins make good food!
Join this awesome clan for fun and fights
We only ask from you 3 crowns every clan chest no more elder 250 donations
Co you will get at 650


با سلام خدمت دوستان

نام کلن: ⭐️⭐️ESTEGHLAL IR


تگ کلن : JROCJPU#


کاپ ورودی: بالای 3400
کل اعضای کلن همگی فعالن و رک بلافاصله پر میشه دوستان هرکی تمایل داشت بیاد به کلن ما



تگ کلن : JROCJPU#


گروه تلگرام کلن: https://t.me/joinchat/C5p61EO9L5w9beyrH7p4_Q

Elitni Wizzardi #8Q9VVUQU 1600

Clan osnovan 12.8.2017, elder 200 donacija, co-leader po zasluzi, clan chest minimum 20 krunica inace kick!!!

lazy clashers #8gy2j9pu Only requirements is card requests and donations

This clan is suitable for casual players..who mainly requires proper donations.


Well, in our clan, most of us donate a lot so if your're in need of cards, join our clan! Although it is invite only so just request to join.





THe Squad #88RCQCUY  

We are like one family .....we help each other
you are welcome to join

mega klan 282863 djvg


Swa clashers    

Just have fun play hard. Donate ask for invite. No worrie

Mutiny Retreat #8RGQCULU Follow the rules and be sure to be active!

Welcome to Mutiny Retreat! Mutiny Retreat is a new clan made due to issues in the past clan, and we are in need of members. We already have ten, but that is not enough to have a regularly active clan. We are a VERY friendly clan, always donate to everyone regardless. We would GREATLY appreciate it if you would join our clan and help us get a good clan chest and have fun! Anyone is welcome, there is no trophie requirement. The leader is me, Chafie8903, and MLG Grandma is the founder (spent the coins to create the clan). We also have a good role system (member, elder, and co-leader). You can check out more about anything talked about by going to: MutinyRetreatCR.simdif.com

Players Unknown #89RRYY889 None

I hope we can grow and have Fun together. Just dont be permanently afk 🙂 See you later

MostlyARMY 88clqjo9 None

Join for fun clan

Active Indians #22GCOGR Legendary cards

Hello... be active in this clan and participate in any and all events in which the clan is included..😉

Faculty Legends Too hard More than 2600 trophies and must be an active player

We are fast,pace growing clan.Going good and we require active members that can give us 10/10 tier clan chest.20 members space left in our clan.Please join!!!!!!

AOE 战队   3000 or above

We always get 10/10 clan chest and we all donate a lot .😎😀😁

dutch phoenix 2 #Y28VQPP To join you have to speak Dutch, be active, donate and have more than 3000 trophies!

(Dutch) Wij zijn een gezellige Nederlandse clan met veel actieve goed donerende leden, voldoe jij aan de eisen? Join dan nu!

Scorp@ns #29VQY99U must be active

have fun

War winners #2CP9C8VV 600 trophies

Welkom in onze clan ☀️ Ben actief ☀️ Minimaal 25 donaties en 5 kronen in clankist per week ☀️

BetterTogether #898RPVYG 0+ Trophies , Active Players

Wellcome to BetterTogether , thanks for joining us!

until flag;nepal #CGU228R I need to know about chest

hi join our clan

Los expertos #82ugv8ol West SIDE of the Word (North/Central/Southwest)America

24/7 America /Central/North/South

GTBTH Red dark prince with black background. 800 trophies and must be sorta active. Also donate

This clan will be working on being the best and grow to be a family. We will start to climb and get better and better.

NL Killers #CUOYP9Y  


midnight crowns 8208YJR0  


darkdudes #8C8PPCJC 1800 tropheys play often

Come join
We need people
Play often and get clan chests

Toxic Celtics Clover No trophies required

Please join


We fuck hard

ایران رویال Û² #22yjcvrr  


Messi 10 For people like soccer Oj

200 church st

Royal Warriors royal warriors must be active, make donations, fight for clan chest to make it 10 level.

Very active clan. Elder from the start. Donations are made permanently. Clan Chest level 10 from 10 elders. At 10 elders a Co leader is chosen for merit. It's a warrior clan. Very fast development. One-to-one training matches. If you want to succeed, join us.

Ancient Paladin QRUJRVL 1000

Growing clan with a good set of core players and quick donations. 10 crowns and 100 donations expected per week, with promotions based on level of activity.

Triumph Titans #8JULVQ2G 2000+ trophies, must be willing to donate and contribute

We are a couple of people that want to start a community family in the clash royale world. We would love if we all could help each other grow as players as well as individuals. We will grow to be a triumphant team among the clans in the world!!

undead crew #PCYOL 2600 trophies

Very active clan. Pushing toward top 200 global clans.

#gandokrayaclan faisal ok



You need to be more than arena 1


To Be or not to Be

blazing phoenix #2UG2Y9JQ none

have fun. be active in clan chest.donate others.

mikołaj 1111 mikołaj 1111 1234


AXIS ELITE #2V88P899 None

Very active clan looking for new members! We donate as much as we can and expect you to do the same!

Finna' Smash #80YJYQ8G Some cool people

We're a new clan looking for players of all skill levels and trophy counts

БЪЛГАРИЯ #8JCVCVLR 2400 tropfies

Кланът е направен за забавление!

Vuur draakje Gbjhnjk,nnn Niet schelden


Savage Asf #2vruqgjh Be arena 7

Welcome to Savage Asf🔥we 24/7 active clan🔥elder is earn at 200 donations🔥co is earn at 500 doantions🔥enjoy😉


New clan, every new joiner counts so it would be appreciated if you join us. The people in the clan now donate any card, and that's what we focus on is donating what people ask for and getting to 10/10

NLkillers #8LVVPQPR -

we zijn een nederlandse clan met momenteel 5 leden maar wel zeer actief!!

We are a dutch clan with now 5 members but highly active.
english speaking people are welcome to.
Let's enjoy a good fight!

oPTical Squad #2QQCLQYL None

Welcome to our clan it's a new clan about 1momh old about 30 people and if you join welcome to our clan and are rules are 1.be active 2.we do not accept hoppers 3.3.we share replays to prove our mistakes so other player don't do that and the rest is no quarrel and always be loyal and you will be promoted.

БЪЛГАРИ #2RG2Y9LC No Requirements

Be active. 50 crowns for Clan Chest and 5 crowns for Clan Battle Chest

Big RO   DOAR ROMÂNI peste 1400 trofee peste 0 la cc

Nu dati kick fara acordul meu, elder peste 1000 de donatii, co leader pe incredere, cei care fac 0 la cc, kick

SjaakTrekhaak #802LYVY8 be active

official trekhaak clan, ounded on 24-07-2017.
join our clan, there are no rules.
only be an active player.


we are a group of clash royale players. Mods- Willibobs OWNER. RubeP007- High Level Mod (HLM) greenrush9-Modorator

Trump Nation 8L8OC2PO None

Come join us . 10/10 clan chest !
Free speech, lots of smack talk.
Have fun and push each other to do better!

Beast Bros #82UGVOR9 No requirement

Open to all

Night Stalkers #82U2PVGQ 3000 trophies

NEW CLAN! Lookin for competitive but fun members! Donations and crown chest is required! Join us on our journey to the top 👊

DarkApes #2u9yy008 Nothing

We are a new clan. Everyone is welcome. FREE ELDER FOR YALL

Nerdology Skater boy I don't now

To be the the best

Clanet Jackson #88VJ9RCJ  

We're Clantastic!


csak ismerősök és barátok jöhetnek!Aréna 6-tól.Elég ha csak voltál!A kissebbek menjenek a KRAKUKAAkadémiára!


それに「丼たれ」に通した「天ぷら」をのっけてあるわけだから、ますます黒くなっちまうんだすね。 サイズは3で日本ではL、USAではM相当です。 太陽 の 末裔 dvd box
ボラとダソムは出演したことがあるが、ソユは今回が初めてだ。 久しぶりの曲が、身から離れていっとるんです。
ドクター x ドラマ 無料  今や「マンガ」はアニメばかりでは無く盛んに「テレビドラマ」「映画」等の「原作」に成り、日本のコンテンツ文化の欠かせ無い1要素と成って居る。 CI ENTは「先週のキム・キュジョンの予告映像に続き、ホ・ヨンセンの予告映像が公開された。
太陽 の 末裔 ファッション
私、ヒョンビンがソン・ヘギョちゃんと付き合っている時は「早く別れたら」なんて思ってしまったけれど、ハ・ジウォンちゃんなら、彼女でも歓迎するな(笑)。 それならば、私達、幸せに生きることができる 」と話したが、ヨン·ジョンフンは、彼女の言うことを聞かなかったこと。 恋愛 ドラマ 韓国
イ・ジョンソク君が演じていた医師も、裏世界の暴力団ボスを治してやくざたちに好感を持たれていました。 さらに、韓国軍の慰安婦の史料や歴史的事実も上がってきているそうですが、それを韓国では封印されていることもあり、結局・・・いろんな説としては・・・韓国で慰安婦の被害に遭ったハルモニたちは・・・実は、日本軍ではなく、韓国軍の慰安婦として存在していた可能性・・・も否定できないということなのです。
ぼくらの勇気 未満都市 キャスト 年上先輩女優さんと付き合うより、年下アイドルと付き合うのもどうかと(笑)。 もうこの名前は無いと思いますが、後ろの四人と呼ばれていたこともある二階堂君と千賀くんと横尾くんと宮田君の四人を、2013年に舞祭組「棚からぼたもち」でCDデビューし、シングル3枚をリリース。
逃げるは恥だが役に立つ DVD BOX


Brand new clan looking to be a great clan co leaders and elders first 4 get co next ten gel elder will never be kicked

Soccerstars2.0 #29Q8RQL Invite only


Expect Delays #802J2CG0 Were Easy If You Cool

We enjoy long walks down the lane, coffee, and League of Legends. Active members, donations, and clan chest 10/10. Looking for anyone that is active. Requirements are only to donate and participate in clan chest. Click this link to join my Clan in Clash Royale! https://link.clashroyale.com/invite/clan/en?tag=802J2CG0&token=nkectc3e&platform=iOS

Smash or pass #2Q9VVP2Y 0 trophies

Join this is a good active clan give donations for we can upgrade clan Also have to be arena 5 or higher to join👍👍 👍

Bamboozers #80VJR0VG  

Brand new clan, everybody is welcome regardless of trophies! Just need to be active!

Night Witch #2VPRV9C8 All active players can join

All are welcome!This is really active clan we are small but we are really active!I created the clan Sunday

TitanianWARRIOR #820RQRGG  

Just join and get free co promotion

The power of noobs #2uvuyqr2 Nothing... Guyssss


БГ ВАРНА #2U8QLV2Y +2000 trophies

ONLY FOR ACTIVE PLAYERS!!!!!!! Min. 20 crowns for the clan chest+100 donate!
Elder-50 crown for the clan chest +500 donate
Co-leader------if the leader want! 🙂


New clan looking for active members! No trophy requirements! Not looking for the most skilled players just trying to be an ACTIVE clan and have fun (: Must donate and participate in clan chest. Spanish and English spoken but everyone is welcome!



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Ganja Street #2u0c9ur8  

We love the simple things in life. Clan Chests, Donations, Clashing and Puffing.

50 NY ELITES #80V9PJ2V 1600 trophies

We may be new but our members are friendly and active in donations as well as clan chests. We are looking for other members who can actively contribute to donations and clan chests.

Clash bæsj Ol 2-90


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