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King’s Tower

“The King’s Tower is the most important tower in a battle; don’t let the enemies get to it! If it is destroyed, you lose immediately!”

King Tower1 King Tower2
Idle Mode Defense Mode


  • Each player has a 4×4 King Tower, located at the center back of their side of the map, 1 tile from the back.
  • Destroying it automatically grants the player who destroys it 3 Crowns and ends the game.
  • The level of the player’s Tower is equivalent to their King Level. The King’s Towers’ hitpoints and damage are increased by approximately 7% per level up to level 9. From level 10 onwards, these statistics are increased by roughly 10% per level.
  • The King’s Tower is not able to attack until it is damaged or the player’s Arena Tower is destroyed. The Tower’s defense is a cannon, which can target air and ground troops.
  • The King’s Tower is classified as a building and will be targeted by Giants, Royal Giants, Lava Hounds, Hog Riders, Balloons, Golems, and Ice Golems directly.
  • The King’s Tower, along with the Arena Towers, receives 60% reduced damage from spells and the Miner.
  • The King’s Tower can be strengthened by Rage.
  • When using splash spells like the Fireball and Arrows, don’t hit the King’s Tower, as doing so will activate the king before destroying a tower, giving the defender a significant advantage. It is possible, though usually impractical, to use high damage spells such as the Rocket or Lightning to directly destroy the King’s tower.
  • When using the Miner or the Goblin Barrel to eliminate a building, the Goblins or the Miner might activate the King’s Tower if they are placed too close to it.


  • Many spells, such as Fireball, seem to come from the King’s Tower, despite there being no clear place they could launch from.
  • The King’s Tower and the Arena Towers are collectively referred to as “Crown Towers”.
  • A 3 Crown draw can be attained when both King’s Towers are destroyed at the same time.
  • Oddly, the King Tower’s cannon does less damage than the Arena Towers’ bows for all levels except level 1.
  • Although Cannons themselves can only target ground, the King Tower’s cannon can target both air and ground. This might be because the cannon is elevated on the tower.
  • The level 13 King’s Tower has less hitpoints than a level 8 Golem.
  • If two buildings are placed in front of the King’s Tower, a building-targeting troop such as a Golem will target the King’s Tower after destroying these two buildings. This puts the opponent at a disadvantage as the death damage of a Golem or Golemite or a hit landed by a Hog Rider can activate the King’s Cannon, once again giving a significant advantage. A Tornado could also drag the troop to the King’s Tower after it has destroyed the first building.
  • According to a Clash Royale FAQ, it is said that the King uses Elixir based beard oil with pine scent to keep his perfect facial hair.
  • Even though the king stands behind the turret, he doesn’t seem to be controlling it. Rather, the turret seems to automatically aim at enemies.
  • A special form of King’s Tower, which looks like two regular King’s Towers side by side, exists exclusive to the Clan Battle mode.


Hit Speed Range Target
1 sec 7 Air & Ground


Level Hitpoints Damage
1 2,400 50
2 2,568 53
3 2,736 57
4 2,904 60
5 3,096 64
6 3,312 69
7 3,528 73
8 3,768 78
9 4,008 83
10 4,392 91
11 4,824 100
12 5,304 110
13 5,832 121

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