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  1. Use molts deck

  2. I am at arena 8 and I got 3xMagical Chest 0xSMC 5xGiant Chest and i have not got any legendary can you tell me how to get legendary please?? UrosPREDATOR 😀

  3. I have been usin hog, musketeer, archers, zap, log, ice golem, elite barbarians, and ice spirit. copy this deck and you will win every battle. Trust me I am at 3479 topheis and I have only been using this deck since I was at 2289 trophies.

    • it will only help you till legendary arena.. after that you will be facing problem with that deck.. i am currently at masters1 and i assure you that you will be having problem with that deck in the future

  4. Just wanna share my deck..its hog,prince,valk..try it..that is the best card..but it will be shut down by minion or mega..so use electro and zap to destroy them..this deck is a counter attack deck. Put valk or prince to def. And then put the others..easy 1 tower to destroy.

  5. i am a f2p in leggendary arena and i would like to share the deck with every other f2p because i feel sick seeing only p2p, anyways just search ”the f2p leggendary arena experience” some people might not like the strategy but it works, if you have sparky replace the minion horde, if you have the princess replace the spear goblins

    • I too am a f2p player, who has successfully made it to 4000 trophies using tournament level cards, so look up X-bow Sparky.

  6. Try Unexpected Rage. Pls

  7. Try the Legend’s Spear deck you know if you have the cards

  8. Hi
    I have been in arena 4 for 2 weeks . Can someone help me make a deck and strategy ?
    These are my cards :
    Level 6 goblins level 6 spear goblins level 2 prince level 2 witch level 1 baby dragon level 1 balloon level 1 pekka level 3 mini pekka level 4 musketeer level 6 skeletons level 1 skeleton army level 3 fireball level 6 arrows level 3 rocket level 3 hog rider level 6 bomber level 7 minion horde level 6 minions level 3 goblin hut level 6 barbarians level 3 barbarian hut level 5 knight level 6 archers level 4 valkryie level 6 tesla level 2 bomb tower level 6 cannon level 3 skeleton tomb level 2 inferno tower .

    • hey i recently shard the same problem but i made a deck and it got me to royal under a week
      Giant spear goblins witch, barbs, rage , fireball, goblin hut, bomber

    • I would use
      Minion horde
      hog rider
      This deck has worked for me and I’m at 1863 trophies currently

    • look at arena 4 push deck. got me from 1100 to 1400 in 2 days. it uses spear goblins, musketeer, hog rider, minions, skeletons, arrows, baby dragon, and cannon/bomb tower.

  9. I am a level 3 and I beat a level 6 siege deck with an xbow

  10. Offensive Troops: Giant, Prince, Dragon, PEKKA, Giant Skeleton, Bomber, Wizard, Knight, Minion Horde, Rage, Freeze, etc.
    Defensive Troops: Archers, Musketeer, Skeleton Army, Dragon, Arrows, Minion Horde, Archers, Barbs, etc.

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