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Hog Rider Zap Bait Deck for Pushing to Legendary Arena

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Hog Rider Zap Bait Deck

Hog Rider: The main win condition of this deck of course. You want to make the pig push with Hog Rider using either Ice Spirit or Skeleton Army most of the time! Just place the Ice Spirit down first and then the Hog next the to it to bypass buildings later. Hog Rider can work well with almost any card in this deck, just make sure your opponent doesn’t have the Zap/The Log in his hand.

The Log is a real beast at the moment. It’s now totally worth using due to tons of buffs to it lately. The Log is excellent against Princess, Skeleton Army, Goblin Barrel, Graveyard. Wait until the Tombstone has about a half of HP the use The Log, it will take out the Tombstone and any Skeletons left, letting your Hog to get to the Tower a lot easier.

Princess is used to give your opponent tons of pressures, and also to bait Zap out. Placing Princess on the bridge forces your opponent to have the answer immediately, otherwise she will deal lots of damage to the Tower in seconds. I usually play her on the opposite lane on both offense and defense. Defending on the opposite lane will keep her safe and attacking on the opposite lane will force your opponent to split up his defense. Excellent against any horde!

Ice Spirit is still the best card in Clash Royale after the recent nerf. Unlike Zap, your Ice Spirit doesn’t need to be leveled up a lot. Excellent on offense, defense and at cycling. Must have card in almost any deck!

Inferno Tower – Event with the recent nerf, I still find the Inferno Tower is the best defensive building at the moment. Since this is a Zap Bait Deck, do something to prevent him from using Zap on your Inferno Tower to protect his Giant/Royal Giant. If they zap your Inferno Tower, immediately punish him with your Goblin Barrel, Hog Rider Ice Spirit, Skeleton Army or whatever you have!

Skeleton Army is amazing right now in the current meta game. Level 3 Skeleton Army is enough to make me to 4000 trophies. They shred through tanks like butter. Excellent at distracting high damage single target unit. Once your opponent Zap your Inferno Tower, place the Skeleton Army down to defend. Then make a quick push with Hog Rider and the next cad!

Goblin Barrel is essential to this deck. I strongly recommend not to replace Goblin Barrel with Miner! These Goblins will punish anyone who uses Zap to deal with Inferno Tower or Skeleton Army, dealing insane damage even at level 3. Ideally, after your opponent uses Zap, use Hog Rider + Goblin Barrel combo (use Ice Spirit If needed). The Hog Rider will soak damage for Goblins while they are stabbing away the Tower.

Rocket: I usually use Rocket to finish off a Tower but don’t be hesitate to use it on defense. Also, on ladder, sometimes you face overleveled Barbarians which prevent your Hog from doing anything, pre-Rocket them would help you a lot. If you face a very hard matchup, play defensively to just cycle to Goblin Barrel + Log + Rocket. Playing Hog + Rocket Prediction is always my favorite strategy.
Elixir Collector? Rocket it right away and get 1 positive Elixir trade!

Some general tips for you:

  • Try to change your Goblin Barrel spots the entire game. Making it unpredictable is what you need to do to remain victorious over the overleveled players on the ladder. If your opponent use Zap on nothing because of your crafty Goblin Barrel spot, that would be a GG.
  • This deck is pretty weak to miner deck decks which use both Minions and Minion Horde. Those decks will make Rocket and Inferno become dead cards in the deck. Can’t use Inferno Tower to bait out Zap. Sometimes I win by using Rocket on their big pushes. Good luck!


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