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Ice Hog Rider – Easy to Use Deck for Arena 8 and 9

At the first time I saw the Ice Spirit, I thought about the Hog Rider immediately just because of how well they can work together. Beside Skeletons, the Ice Spirit is the cheapest card in game which costs only 1 Elixir, besides Skeletons. It can freeze multiple targets at the same time. This allows your Hog Rider to get to the opponent’s Tower easier or even take a few more hits.

The Poison Spell is also a great choice of this deck as it slows down the enemies and Towers nearby, allows your Hog Rider to get some extra shots off. Don’t worry If your Poison is low level! You can easily replace it with the Fireball, it won’t make a big difference while using this deck.

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Cards Breakdown

Hog Rider: He is definitely one of the most popular troop in game. He will help you chip down the opponent’s Tower for a solid win. Sometimes, he can even help you easily pull enemy troops and prevent them from hitting your Tower. For example, If the Baby Dragon is about to hit your Tower in 1 more sec, drop your Hog Rider right behind the Baby Dragon. The Baby Dragon will be attracted by your Hog while getting hit my your Tower.
One more thing, Hog Rider can be easily distracted by buildings in the center. In order to help him bypass those annoying defenses, you can use this trick.

Ice Spirit: For only 1 Elixir, this is such a steal! On offense, Ice Spirit helps your Hog deal with Minions, Goblins, Skeletons and especially Barbarians. It can freeze them all for 2 seconds and let your Hog Rider do a few more hits. On offense, when couple Ice Spirit with the Poison, you can easily make the most of Poison. He has a pretty nice HP (with the price of course) as he can take 1 shot from Musketeer, Barbarian, Baby Dragon, … at relative level.
Ice Spirit helps you reset Inferno Tower’s damage/target, Prince’s charge, Sparky’s charge and Royal Giant’s target.

Valkyrie: Good splash damage, good HP, what else you want from her? She is such a great all around card! She easily stops all cheap pushes and then joins the counter push with nearly full HP. She can be also effectively used to take out lots of supports such as Musketeers, Wizards, … behind Giant/Golem. After a successful defend, wait until she reaches the bridge and place your Hog Rider right behind her to quickly push her to the Tower. Also, you can wait until she is about to reach the river and drop your Hog Rider right next to her in order to bypass buildings.

Poison slows down enemies and drains their HP very effectively. The Poison is just so effective on both offense and defense. It prevents your opponents from using cheap troops, forces them to use high Elixir cost troop and not get positive Elixir trade. Also, remember, If your opponent has Minion Horde, have your Poison ready in order to deal with them. Poison is also great at dealing with Lava Pups and Barbarians.

Zap –This is definitely the MVP of Clash Royale. It reset Sparky’s charge, Prince’s charge, Inferno Tower’s damage and tons of the stuffs. It is usually the best card to couple with Hog Rider as it can give your Hog 1-2 more extra hits. It is your second card to deal with Minion Horde. Just zap those Minions right on the bridge and your Tower will be safe. Hate Goblin Barrel and Fire Spirits? You have Zap!

Tesla has been buffed a lot since last few updates. It has impressive damage and lifetime, great at dealing with Hog Rider, Baby Dragon, Lava Hound, Balloon,… You can definitely try to replace it with Inferno Tower If you want. As this deck doesn’t have many air targeting cards, using Cannon or Bomb Tower is not recommended.

Elixir Collector is a very valuable card for almost every deck in Clash Royale. It forces your opponent to attack first, helps you save lots of Elixir after some positive Elixir trades and turns them into potential pushes. With the saved Elixir, you can quickly cycle through your cards and push with your Hog before your opponent has his defensive building/troop ready.

Minions: Cheap and super effective. These small guys will help you deal with ground units, Balloon, Lava Hound, Baby Dragon and even Hog Rider. They can deal loads of damage in seconds. On offense, place them at the middle and right on the river in order to help your Hog finish off defensive buildings quickly.

How to use this deck?

If you have the Elixir Collector in your starting hand, just place it down. It’s recommended to place it in front of your King’s Tower in order to deal with Miner. Also, when coupled with the Telsa it will help you draw the opponent’s Hog Rider/Balloon/Lava far away from your Towers. Otherwise, consider placing your Valkyrie behind your King’s Tower or placing the Minions right on the bridge.

For more details, please watch Ash’s video below:


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