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Player Profile


The Player Profile displays information about a player including his/her player information, statistics, Battle Deck, and Experience level.

Player Information

The Player Profile is headed by the player’s general information. This includes:

  • Player name
  • Player code
  • Clan
  • Trophy count
  • Arena level

At the bottom of the section there is a button labeled “Clan”. Tapping it will redirect the viewer to the player’s Clan page.

Stats Royale

The Stats Royale section shows the player’s statistics:

  • Wins
  • Three Crown wins
  • Highest Trophies
  • Current favorite Card
  • Cards found
  • Total Donations

Battle Deck

The Battle Deck section lists the cards of the player’s currently selected Battle Deck and their levels. Tapping on a card will reveal its stats, as long as the viewer has reached the arena in which that card is unlocked.

Player Level

With the player’s Experience Level at the top, the Player Level section also lists the stats of the player’s King’s Tower and Arena Towers:

  • Hitpoints
  • Hit speed
  • Range
  • Damage

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