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TV Royale


  • TV Royale is unlocked at the Goblin Stadium (Arena 1).
  • TV Royale showcases battles between two players in the game.
  • A new TV Royale replay is added every hour.
  • TV Royale has 9 different channels, one for each Arena. This allows the player to view battles of different levels.
    • Despite this, some of these battles may take place in a higher Arena. For example, a TV Royale replay in the Builder’s Workshop channel may take place in the Royal Arena.
  • TV Royale is a place for players to see players’ close battles.
  • A battle replay will disappear from TV Royale after 24 hours.
  • You will be notified when a clanmate’s battle is featured in TV Royale.
  • Generally, battles in TV Royale will be upset matches, three crown draws, and close calls.

What you can see in the results

  • The competing players, their battle deck, and Clan.
    • Clicking on a player gives you the option to view their Profile and Clan.
    • Clicking on a card shows its stats.
  • How many players have watched the replay.
  • Once watched, a replay will turn gray, “watched” will appear at the top and the number of Crowns gained by both players will be shown.


  • You can view the stats of cards you haven’t unlocked in TV Royale or a different level of a card than the one you have.

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