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How to Deal with RAGE in Clash Royale

How to deal with different types of Clash Royale Rage

#1 – Lag and Disconnecting: There’s nothing worse than seeing that dreaded red wifi symbol of death flash on your screen even though your wifi is working fine. It can cost you games and valuable trophies, ad cause a LOT of RAGE…

But there is something you can do about it.

  • Always try to play when connected to a Reliable, fast WiFi. If your home router sucks, get a new, better router, or just update your old one, and restart it every 1-2 weeks. For some reason WiFi routers “collect” junk data which slows them down.
  • If you are not on WiFi, make sure you have good wireless connection on your phone. LTE is always preferred. But also what matters is reception. If you are in poor connection area, wait till you go somewhere else, ad find better signal.
  • Not all phones have good signal. Even expensive phones can have poor 3g/LTE antenna. I have a Blu Pure XL, and it sucks in my home on LTE/3G, so I constantly loose signal. I recently got ZTE Axon 7 Mini (Android), and it’s reception is 10 times better in poor signal areas, including my home. I find that my friend’s iPhone 5s also works pretty good in my home. But playing on 4″ screen is a torture.
  • Don’t play on Public WiFi, unless you know there aren’t may users and the connection is fast and reliable.

Bottom line, if you know you have poor internet – DO NOT play, until you get to a better connection. If you still play, don’t get mad – you know it’s gonna happen.

#2 -Emotes: Emotes are probably the most frustrating feature in the game. When your opponent starts spamming the laugh/cry faces, you start to tilt. The option to mute emotes has only been introduced in the last couple of months, but Supercell are yet to put out a full fledged mute option, instead making you mute emotes every game.

Supercell originally kept the emotes, saying they were meant to “evoke strong emotions”, but the community did not accept that, taking their discontent to Reddit and the forums.

#3 – Scripting/Loss Streaks: Many players argue that Clash Royale has coding built in to stop players from winning too much. For example, when you switch a deck, you often face the exact counter for your new deck.

When I introduced elite barbarians to my deck, I stopped seeing elite barbarians and started seeing skeleton armies. In fact, I only saw 1 or 2 elite barbarians in my next twenty games versus the 10-15 I was used to seeing.

Earn FreeMyApps Credits and Get FREE Gems in Clash Royale#4 – Gemmers: You will face MANY opponents with deep pockets and little brain power – Gemmers. These guys spend a ton of money buying gems, and upgrade their cards, so when you get your @$$ whooped by someone your level of trophies, but their cards just destroy your – you know they have Level 7 Hog at arena 5 And they probably spent $50-100 buying gems.

But fear not! You can also get in Gemming game without actually wasting your money. If you get FreeMyApps, you can earn points, convert points into iTunes / PlayStore credit and get gems for free!

The way it works, once you collect 3000 points, you can “buy” a $10 App/Play store gift card with it (1200 gems).

To get points you will need to install / try Apps, or watch videos or try offers. However if you invite your friends you will get 200 points for each referred share. So you can get 3000 points in no time!

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