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How to get Free Gems in Clash Royale

To sign up to FreeMyApps, get on your smart-phone or tablet (any Android or iOS device will do) and click this link of http://bit.ly/royalegem. It’s an affiliate link, but you will still make the same and maybe a bonus as well, I forgot which site gave an extra bonus. That will open in a new window so you can continue this guide.

Android step by step guide.

How to get Free Gem Clash Royale

1. Go to the website and tap the Google Play button.


2. Download their app from the Google Play Store.


3. Install the app.


4. You can login to the app with Facebook. It’s not going to post anything to your wall so it’s no problems with using Facebook.


5. You will now get a list of apps you can download. You’ll see the reward you’ll get for downloading the apps on the side. There will be new apps showing up several times a day, so check back often to get new offers.


6. Here I am downloading Quick Thoughts as that was the best offer.


7. Use the app for 30+ seconds so that FreeMyApp will register it. After this you usually have to wait at least half an hour till the points show up in your balance. Also, not all apps will credit you. From my experience around 30% of the apps don’t give any reward at all, but it’s still a good deal. Once you have 300+ points you can use them to buy rewards, iTunes gift cards among other things.

iPad / iPhone step by step guide.


1. Go to the website with your iPad or iPhone and tap the “Get Started” button.


2. You will be asked to install a profile on your iPad or iPhone. Just tap install, it’s quick and easy to do.


3. Now you can go back to the website and the offers will start showing up. I usually start with the best reward and go down the list after that. There will be new apps showing up several times a day, so check back often to get new offers.


4. I chose the Dragon Soul offer first as it was the best paying one.


5. You will then be taken to the App Store after several redirects. You will have to choose ok when the iPad / iPhone asks you if you want to open the link in the App Store. Some offers do not work for your device or location, if that happens just try the next one on the list.

6. Use the app for 30+ seconds so that FreeMyApps will register it. Some apps will not work, but most do. Be patient, the points often take half an hour or more to show up in your account.


7. Here you can see the 72 points for downloading Dragon Soul has shown up in my balance. You can now use these points for getting Clash Royale gems.

As you can see you can get both iTunes and Google Play gift cards for your points. I would estimate you can get a $10 gift card every week if you use the app daily. That’s not a huge amount of gems, but it’s all for free, all that is needed is to download some apps.

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