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How to use Fire Spirits Properly

Fire Spirits can only attack once. What they do is to throw themselves at enemies and die on impact. This mechanic is identical to the Wall Breakers in CoC. If you manager to kill them before impact, nothing will happen.

Fire Spirits add a new dimension to the game. Think of it as having 3 fragile but strong Wizards attack in the control of your hands. They can also attack air units. They destroy medium HP swarm units but they have their limitations. The bridge acts as a bottle neck so they won’t be able to target all Barbarians as you can see in the screenshot below.

The Fire Spirits are the hard counter to Goblin Barrel. Wherever the Goblin Barrel is launched, they are going to relentlessly kill the Goblins and it is going to be a positive Elixir trade.

When though they pact the equivalent of 3 Wizard’s Fireballs, they can die easily. Zap kills them immediately.

They are the mercy of ranged splash units. They are bad against any single units or structure with high HP. Think anything tankier than Barbarians.

Level HP Damage
1 43 80
2 47 88
3 52 96
4 57 106
5 62 116
6 68 128
7 75 140
8 82 154
9 91 169
10 100 186
11 110 204
12 120 224
13 132 247

Okay so that is the intro of our new card today. Do you like it? I hope we can see a lot of strategies in the future utilizing this awesome card!


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