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Top 7 Rare Cards (January 2017)

7. Furnace

Description: “The Furnace spawns two Fire Spirits at a time. It also makes great brick-oven pancakes.”

Stats at Tournament Level:

  • Hit-points: 1056
  • Fire Spirits Level: 9
  • Spawn Speed: 10 Seconds
  • Deploy Time: 1 Second
  • Lifetime: 50 Seconds

Conclusion: The furnace is the best spawner in the game, especially when your it spawns fire spirits equivalent to the level of your opponent’s tower. At this point, your tower will need to shoot twice to kill a spirit, allowing the straggler to get a hit off on your tower. It also has great defensive capabilities. For only four elixir, it can shut down a pig push with ease.

A pestering presence on the battlefield, you must deal with the furnace or it will punish you later on in the game.


6. Fireball

Description: “Annnnd… Fireball. Incinerates a small area, dealing high damage. Reduced damage to Crown Towers.”

Stats at Tournament Level:

  • Area Damage: 572
  • Crown Tower Damage: 229
  • Radius: 2.5

Conclusion: As mentioned in my tier list, the fireball is the second best spell in the game, excluding the graveyard. It deals massive damage, and it can bring troops like the musketeer, the wizard, and the mega minion down to a zappable range which can allow you to stop a push in its tracks with a precisely timed fireball/zap combo.

Use it when your opponent’s troops are clumped up for the best results.

5. Mini P.E.K.K.A

Description: “The arena is a certified butterfly-free zone. No distractions for P.E.K.K.A, only destruction.”

Stats at Tournament Level:

  • Hit-points: 1056
  • Damge per second: 317
  • Damage: 572
  • Hit Speed: 1.8 Seconds
  • Targets: Ground
  • Speed: Fast
  • Range: Melee
  • Deploy Time: 1 Second

Conclusion: The Mini P.E.K.K.A is the equivalent of an elite barbarian. Dangerous if not take care of, the Mini P.E.K.K.A. deals 572 damage a hit, almost a quarter of the health of a tower. Combined with a splash damage troop like a wizard or a princess, the Mini P.E.K.K.A thrives.

Its defensive capabilities are not bad either, and it can shred a tank in a matter of seconds. A better version of a lumberjack, the Mini P.E.K.K.A takes the number five spot on this list.

4. Hog Rider

Description: “Fast melee troop that targets buildings and can jump over the river. He followed the echoing call of ‘Hog Riderrrrr’ all the way through the arena doors.”

Stats at Tournament Level: 

  • Hit-points: 1408
  • Damage per second: 176
  • Damage: 264
  • Hit Speed: 1.5 Seconds
  • Targets: Buildings
  • Speed: Very Fast
  • Range: Melee
  • Deploy Time: 1 Second

Conclusion: A fast, hard hitting troop, the hog rider is a force to be reckoned with. With the emergence of the elite barbarians, it has become less prevalent, but it still retains great value. As you guys know, I love to pig push, and you can’t pig push without a pig.

The hog rider’s blow is strong, and if not dealt with properly, say goodbye to your tower.

3. Giant

Description: “Slow but durable, only attacks buildings. A real one-man wrecking crew!”

Stats at Tournament Level:

  • Hit-points: 3344
  • Damage Per Second: 140
  • Damage: 211
  • Hit Speed: 1.5 Seconds
  • Targets: Buildings
  • Speed: Slow
  • Range: Melee
  • Deploy Time: 1 Second

Conclusion: The Giant has fallen in ranks from where it once was, but it is still the best defense targeting troop in the game. It has the highest health in the game besides the 9 elixir golem, and its tankiness is one of the many reasons it is so strong. For just five elixir, you get a giant meat shield which you can support with damage dealing troops like the mega minion or elite barbarians.

The Giant is just too tanky to be ignored. Be sure to deal with it as soon as you can.

2. Ice Golem

Description: “He’s tough, targets buildings and explodes when destroyed, slowing nearby enemies. Made entirely out of ice… or is he?! Yes.”

Stats at Tournament Level:

  • Hit-points: 1100
  • Damage Per Second: 28
  • Damage: 70
  • Death Damage: 70
  • Hit Speed: 2.5 Seconds
  • Targets: Buildings
  • Speed: Slow
  • Range: Melee
  • Deploy Time: 1 Second

Conclusion: One of the few counters for elite barbarians in the game, the ice golem is a perfect defensive troop. Acting as a sort of wall, the ice golem can kite their troops within range of both of your towers, and its freeze effect guarantees that they will not get far.

While not good offensively, the ice golem is arguably the best defensive card in the game.

1. Mega Minion

Description: “Flying, armored and powerful. What could be its weakness?! Cupcakes.”

Stats at Tournament Level:

  • Hit-points: 695
  • Damage Per Second: 192
  • Damage: 269
  • Hit Speed: 1.4 Second
  • Targets: Air & Ground
  • Speed: Medium
  • Range: 2
  • Deploy Time: 1 Second

Conclusion: The mega minion’s power is summed up by its usage rate. Seen in almost every deck on the leaderboards, it is too strong in a ground-heavy meta. If you can deal with your opponent’s mega minion, yours will most likely have a clear path to the tower.

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