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  • Gold is the basic resource of Clash Royale. Gold can be used to upgrade Cards, buy cards from the Shop, or to create a Clan.
  • Gold is found in Chests and received from donating Cards to your Clan. It can also be bought with Gems.
  • The maximum amount of Gold any player can have at one time is 1,000,000 Gold.


  • Gold is found in every chest. The amount varies based on the chest. See the Chests page.
  • You can also get Gold by donating cards:
    • You get 5 Gold for each common card and 50 Gold for each rare card donated.
  • After you have maxed out a Card, you can still store additional copies of that Card in your collection, with the number of copies you can store depending on its rarity (100 Common, 10 Rare, 1 Epic and 1 Legendary). Any additional copies above this limit will automatically be converted into gold; with Common cards being worth 5 Gold, Rare cards being worth 50 Gold, Epic cards being worth 1,000 Gold and Legendary cards being worth 20,000 Gold.

Victory Gold

  • You can earn Gold by winning an Arena match, this can be done a maximum of 20 times daily.
Arena Victory Gold
Name Number
Goblin Stadium

Goblin Stadium

1 5
Bone Pit

Bone Pit

2 7
Barbarian Bowl

Barbarian Bowl

3 9
P.E.K.K.A's Playhouse

P.E.K.K.A’s Playhouse

4 11
Spell Valley

Spell Valley

5 12
Builder's Workshop

Builder’s Workshop

6 14
Royal Arena

Royal Arena

7 15
Legendary Arena

Legendary Arena

8 20

Gold purchase

  • You can also purchase Gold for the following amounts of Gems:
Image in Shop Name Gold pieces Gems
Pouch Of Coins 1 Pouch 1,000 Gold pieces 60 Gems
Bucket Of Coins 1 Bucket 10,000 Gold pieces 500 Gems
Wagon Of Coins 1 Wagon 100,000 Gold pieces 4,500 Gems


  • Use your Gold to upgrade your cards, the amount needed increases as the card levels increase.
  • In addition, you can buy extra cards from the Shop, with a starting cost of 2 Gold for Common, 20 for Rare, 2,000 for Epic and 40,000 for Legendary cards.
  • You also need 1,000 gold to start a Clan.


  • On 3/5/16, the May Update increased the maximum Gold cap to 1,000,000 (from 500,000).
  • You can make profit by buying two Common and Rare cards each. They cost 2+4 (6) Gold and 20+40 (60) Gold respectively. Donating each Common card gives 5 gold which gives you a profit of 3+1 (4) gold. Donating a Rare card gives 50 gold which gives you a profit of 30+10 (40) gold. Overall profit from this is 44 Gold.

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