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Gold Rush During Gold Rush events, you are awarded Gold for destroying Crown Towers. The first Princess Tower you destroy gives a certain amount of Gold (say n) depending on Arena level, the second Princess Tower giving 2n Gold and the King’s Tower giving 3n Gold. You can get at most 50n Gold during each Event. The towers are also decorated with gold. …

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Touchdown is a game mode in Clash Royale which is currently only available to play in Challengeswith 2v2 and Draft rules. The main objective of Touchdown is to get any troop to the opposing side’s end zone. There are no Crown Towers in Touchdown; the only way to earn Crowns is by getting troops to the end zone of …

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ALL BEST DECKS FOR ALL ARENAS! Clash Royale – Top Decks for Trophy Pushing, Challenges, Tournaments

Clash Royale ALL the Best Decks for ALL Arenas for Trophy Pushing, Challenges, Tournaments, etc. Join my Discord Clash Royale Community now! https://discord.gg/ash Free Gems: http://abo.io/ASH ————————————————- Today I’d like to share with you guys something special. Lately, I’ve been working on a big project to get all of the …

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