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Ultimate Guide to Managing Elixir

What is an Elixir Advantage? An Elixir Advantage is when your total Elixir is greater than your opponent’s. This includes the Elixir in your Elixir Bar, as well as the cost of the troops that you have on the field. It has been said that even a 5 Elixir advantage …

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Royal Giant Deck

Cards Royal Giant: Obviously, he is your win condition while playing with this deck. Try to not place your Royal Giant until you have an Elixir advantage. Barbarians: I use them to defend most of the time due to their slow movement speed. Sometimes I send them on offense too …

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Elixir Advantage

This article is about Elixir Advantage, a strategic understanding of the game’s resources. You are probably doing some things in this article already, with or without realizing it, in both good and bad ways. Being more conscious of the trades you are making will make you a better player and …

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