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“The Furnace spawns two Fire Spirits at a time. It also makes great brick-oven pancakes.” The Furnace is unlocked from the Spell Valley (Arena 5). It is a spawner building that spawns a pair of Fire Spirits every 10 seconds. A Furnace card costs 4 Elixir to deploy. It appears to be a …

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Barbarian Hut

“Troop building that periodically deploys Barbarians to fight the enemy. Time to make the Barbarians.” The Barbarian Hut is unlocked from the Barbarian Bowl (Arena 3). It is a spawner building that spawns a pair of Barbarians every 14 seconds. A Barbarian Hut card costs 7 Elixir to deploy. The continual spawning of …

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“Troop building that periodocally deploys Skeletons to fight the enemy. When destryed, spawns 6 Skeletons. Creepy!” The Tombstone is unlocked from the Bone Pit (Arena 2). It is a spawner building that spawns a Skeleton every 2.5 seconds. The Tombstone also deploys 4 extra Skeletons upon its destruction. A Tombstone card costs …

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