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4 Most Important Tips for New Clash Royale Player

Always try to fight on your side of the map.

Most new players don’t really care about this. They usually drop their troops right on the bridge and try to make them hit the opponent’s tower as soon as possible. Why don’t fight on your side of the map so you can deal a lot of more additional damage with your Arena Towers and King’s Tower. Let’s assume the opponent drops 1 Baby Dragon, you should wait until it pass through the bridge and drop your troop (Baby Dragon for example) to deal with it. With additional damage from your Arena Tower nearby, you can take down the enemy Dragon quickly and also still have the half HP Baby Dragon. If he uses troops to deal with your survived Baby Dragon, you will have a few more Elixir than your opponent’s. Otherwise, your Baby Dragon still can deal hundreds damage to the opponent’s tower. As stated, If you follow this tip, you can save a lot of Elixir and will be able to launch a big push when your opponent won’t have enough Elixir to stop you. Sounds great right?

It’s okay to take some damage

No one wants to take damage for sure but sometimes it’s totally worth it to take some damage. For example, If your opponent drops Archers, your Arena Tower takes them down with 4 hits and takes only some damage, that’s better to let your Arena Tower deal with them itself. It isn’t worth dropping your Fireball, Arrows or other cards to deal with them especially when you are pushing on the other lane. By talking some damage, you can save some Elixir and it’s better to use those Elixir to reforce your push.
This is also pretty important at the start, when your opponent tries to see your cards and how you react.

Build Elixir Advantage

This is definitely the best strategy to win every battle in Clash Royale. The main idea of this tip is to use low Elixir cards to deal with high Elixir cards and make Elixir profit after defending.

For example:

  • Use Arrows (3 Elixir) to take down Minion Horde (5 Elixir) = 2 Elixir profit.
  • Use Skeletons (1 Elixir) to deal with Mini P.E.K.K.A (4 Elixir) = 3 Elixir profit.
  • Use Cannon (3 Elixir0 to deal with Hog Rider (4 Elixir) = 1 Elixir profit.

After some successful defends, you definitely have enough to launch a big push when your opponent doesn’t have enough Elixir in order to deal with it. Sounds great right?

Learn from your Mistakes

A lot of new players never watch their replays and keep losing a lot of times. If you lose when using a well balanced deck and you have decent card levels, It’s not because of the deck, it’s because of you. If you are at level 5 and you lose against a level 3 player, it’s not because of him, it’s because of you. If you can’t push to Arena 4 after weeks, It’s because of you.
Watching replays is the best way to improve your skill in game. Not only your replays! You should also watch your Clan mate replays. Don’t hesitate to share your replays with them and discuss about mistakes as well as the best way to fix them.


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