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How to get filthy rich in Clash Royale

The economy of Clash Royale is as follows:

Ways to get mo money:

  • Opening chests
  • Donating cards

Ways to spend money:

  • Buying cards in the shop

So you want some mo money? Well, you get to open a free chest every 4 hours, silver chest every 3 hours or golden chest every 8 hours and crown chest every day. So open all your chests and get all that sweet money. No-brainer, right?!

The other way to get mo money is to donate. Donate, you say? Why would I give my hard-earned cards away? I’ll tell you! For mo money!!! When you donate a card you get xp and 5 gold. The gold is free, and not taken from the player getting the card. So it’s like you’re selling the card to your clanmate, but he’s not paying, Supercell are. You can donate up to 60 cards a day, making your potential earnings 300 gold a day. That’s 2100 gold, or an epic of your choosing from the store! You’d be crazy not to get that free epic. Free, you say? I’m giving my cards away! Sure, but you’re giving them to clanmates, and as long as you keep requesting, you get the cards back! You can request 10 commons at a time, three times a day, giving you 30 cards back. That’s what I do, keep requesting barbs, then keep donating them again. Everybody always need more barbs! And the way to get everyone in the clan filthy rich is to just keep passing those cards around. By not donating and requesting you are robbing your clanmates of their riches!

TLDR: Donate, donate, donate, request, donate more and more and moar!

Donating Rares count as 5 cards (towards your 24h 60 card donation limit) but nets you 50 gold. That’s double the gold you’d get from donating 5 Commons. So you can get up to 600 gold per day. (Theoretically, if your guild keep requesting rares.) That’s 4200 gold, or TWO EPICS, PER WEEK!!!


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