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2v2 LADDER BALLOON CLONE! Nick & Molt Clash Royale

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  1. Do night witch mirror clone heal or rage!!!!
    Like so they can see!!!!!

  2. One a day baby! Chi-town Love!

  3. It's technically not ladder since there aren't trophies.

  4. look at the clan chat at 8.52

  5. when he completed his crown chest i tried opening it like it was mine without realizing it

  6. Molt and Nick. Do a night witch mirror clone deck in 2v2

  7. Click on your teammate name to see what he has in hand

  8. you should do 2 graveyard mirror

  9. You should do 2v2 battles one person have legendary sand the other have epic

  10. giant skeleton and ballon is OP

  11. You and molt do a 2v2 where you both play two iPads

  12. Out of all the legendaries in the game I get a freaking graveyard the second time in a row I was about to flip if I got like minor or something!!

  13. Can you do the Giant Skeleton troll? Giant skeleton > mirror > clone

  14. You guys should try double graveyard freeze triple crown

  15. lol i didnt know u could get lvl 9 epics if u mirror

  16. Hey guys, I do clash royale and clash of clans videos on my channel check it out and if you subbed to me comment saying "i subbed" and I will sub to you right back.

  17. try it with miners I try it and it works good

  18. Supercell should add a night nyte knight!

  19. !!!!!!!Go try hard 2v2!!!!!!!

  20. I got a bandit in a level 5 clan chest

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