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5 DECKS TO TRY – 20 Win Challenge Clash Royale!

Clash Royale New 20 Win Challenge! Some decks that I like to use with nickatnyte, going for victory in the challenge! Enjoy!
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  1. Hey Nic, maybe you could try this deck. Been working quite well for me… graveyard, freeze, NW, E-wizard, tombstone, valk, executioner and tornado 🤙🏼

  2. I got 2-3 and 1/0-3 IDK WHAT TO DO 🙄

  3. I got 14 wins and in giant chest iam got bandit to level 3 😀 and in legendary a night witch to level 2 😀

  4. Why not make a video on the challenge or at least stream

  5. Pls make a challange for us to join

  6. Can you make a deck whith the log and lumberjack pls

  7. I used the barb deck and got to 20 wins but i'm not 16 yet fml ( i turn 16 in march ) -_-

  8. I'm 16-0 and haven't played since it first went live

  9. And what if we don't have all the legendaries u have

  10. I've got 5 wins and 0 loses

  11. Do a challenge where you have to only use the cards that have more than 1 troop!

  12. How are you doing in the challenge? I'm still trying!
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