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Ash is back?!

I’m back, for good. Yes I am alive, I’m healthy, and I feel good. it’s been awhile since I uploaded a video, so I feel like I owe you guys an explanation as to why and what’s going on with my life.


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  1. I play since day 1, and got to 5k and also became a leader of a top 200 regional clan, you are my master, i follow u channel since the beggining and still watch your videos, im glad you put yourself together, i quited my master's degree ( on science)on half, had problems, changed my career, a lot of things happen in our life that is beyond our compreension, what matter is to keep going with our heads up. Cheers buddy.

  2. That PEKKA placement. That's why i love your videos. However, i wish you all the best in everything you decide to do!

  3. is he a ash or other one i think he is not ash

  4. since you were not active i had also left royale .. now i am back … now no one can stop me to get legendary arena.

  5. Very nice that you‘re back😍

  6. No questions, just happy to hear you are doing well! I remember whenever I first started Clash Royale my first legendary was Graveyard and at that time you had a crazy good graveyard deck that brought me up to Hog Mountain and then an update kind of ruined the effectiveness of the deck. But before that update I studied your videos on that deck constantly and it really helped improve my skill level and ladder rank. I look forward to more of your videos as you have greatly helped me improve my game!

  7. Finally bro i missed you u were my favorite tube contender before stop doing vids.personally hope to show us some diffrent off meta working deck's.GL with the channel

  8. Ash i had the same problem in the way with depression, but i can give u one tip my friend told me every morning or when u get to bed just say around 10 times u're happy u're satisfied, u worth and if u doin it enough long u will ger better!work for me i hope for u as well.Take care and Everything is u're head!!!!

  9. Welcome back Ash! Nice to see you again! ❤️

  10. It's okay Ash I'm also staring YouTube help me grow plz

  11. Thank you for sharing your story and welcome back! You've always been one of my favourite Clash Royale uploaders not just because of your gameplay and detailed explanations but also your positive and mature attitude towards the game e.g. your video on the proper way to deal with BMing. Glad to see you back and best of luck to you with the channel and your real-life work!

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