Passing 4800 Trophies in Clash Royale! Hope you enjoy todays Clash Royale Deck! Let me know what kind of Clash Royale Videos you want to see down below! You guys are the best, I love you! Keep Calm and Clash On!
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  1. Your actual video-editing is way better now. Keep up the good work. I love your vids. ❤

  2. molt do a challenge where you do human vs creaturw

  3. I don't like the lighting

  4. That ending though! Haha good stuff Molt

  5. well i just found a amazing strat .. it cost quite a bit but it recks pretty much get like 2 defending spells or cards or just something that can defend well since im on arena 5 i have chosen a arrow spell card and skeleton army and my so i defend with those then i rush in once its the last minute cuz douboe elixir put a giant in the back a bomber behind him a valkarie infront a musketeer behind and then you can add in example goblins skeleton army etc and thats him ded i mean it works for me ..

  6. fix the echo in your room lol

  7. I got a miner from a legendary chest in the special offer.

  8. Please tell supercell to stop making people throw up because of the giant

  9. Thank molt very much for this deck is OP ?

  10. I want sparky but only got miner in a free chest

  11. ashes lavahound deck rekts this one if u push on the same side

  12. Molt do you have an account at 3200/3300 ? with giant, bowler, poison, musketeer, mini pekka and ice wiz deck? If it was you I was honered to play against you. It was like 15 minutes ago

  13. Molt could you help me a bit? Im currently in Royal arena and Im struggling to get in frozen peak because I dont have any legendaries, do you know when will I get a legendary chest?

  14. molt honestly cant play a mobile game without bitching about it like lets see you make your own mobile game

  15. This is was a great video Molt, keep it up!!

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