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Brawl Stars – How To Win Duo Showdown EVERY TIME!

Brawl Stars: Learn how to win every game in Duo Showdown! Tips, tricks, and strategy on everything you need to know for winning in Duo Showdown. Brought to you by Ash, formerly #1 global Brawl Stars.

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Chime – Phototrophic
Deqwop – Awakening
Fareoh – Under Water
Kozah – Haha
(NCS release)

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Brawl Stars is a freemium mobile real-time strategy video game developed and published by Supercell. On June 14, 2017, Supercell announced the game via a livestream video on YouTube.
Initial release date: June 15, 2017
Developer: Supercell
Publisher: Supercell
Mode: Multiplayer video game
Platforms: Android, iOS
Genres: Strategy video game, Shooter game


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