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Clash Royale – #1 GOBLIN GIANT DECK!

Let’s try out the best Goblin Giant deck in Clash Royale right now! This deck has the most 12 wins out of any deck with Goblin Giant inside of it. Enjoy!
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  1. The card is balanced , we just need to wait until a pro discovers it and then they nerf it months later lmao

  2. Clam down it's a game😅😂

  3. Goblin giant is actually a good card. I like it.

  4. One of the worst deck for giant goblin

  5. You’re a master, Chief. Keep up the great work 👏

  6. ‘This game is so easy” 😂

  7. Cringiest video ever from chief pat😨😐

  8. Why don't u keep a freeze

  9. Not sure if anyone needs a clan, but if you do my clan is looking for members. Fire @ Seaparks

  10. make the big green fuck 5 elixer

  11. They should have a dart goblin instead of 2 spear goblins

  12. Spear goblins are running away🤣🤣🤣

  13. goblin giant is good for graveyard

  14. Buff the Giant too weak

  15. People still play this game

  16. The goblin giant is so underrated no one knows how to use it well I mean its really simple and op if you think about it. It’s a tank if an air defense add onto it. Yes it could use a health buff, but if you use it with a bandit or bowler.


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