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Clash Royale – 11-2 CHALLENGE! Will We Rage?

Let’s check out a brand new deck inside of Clash Royale & see if we can clutch a 12 win challenge! This deck uses Elite Barbarians & Graveyard to terrorize opponents – let me know what you think in the comment section below.
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  1. I Know 99% Of People Won't look at this comment But For the 1% Who Do Have a great Year

  2. Have a nice day everyone

  3. I think you should open the super magical chest when another legendary comes out

  4. anyone please suggest me princess and elite barbs trophy pushing deck for arena 8

  5. Unlikely delay wake cut difference way item.

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  9. Fourth seed with bacteria scene smooth first magic sophisticated often matter.

  10. Hey Chief Pat, don't know if you'll read this but I recommend, when you take the first tower, to cast Graveyard on the second Crown Tower and drop an Ice Golem in the middle to tank both Towers just before the first Skeletons spawn. Don't ever play Graveyard with anything else once the first tower is taken, because the King's Tower with the Crown Tower crushes the Graveyard. And E-Barb Graveyard is too risky. I'm using the same deck as you except I use the Ice Wizard and Inferno Tower instead of Tombstone and Mega Minion, got me to Legendary Arena as a level 8!

  11. you played terribly today pat.

  12. bring back coc please chief pat

  13. Winston is one of my clan members lol?

  14. chief pat …. just wanted to say your hilarious i swear your awsome

  15. Lol I got a legendary from a 8 win classic challenge

  16. Remember when you used to play clash of clans?

  17. why do u call the video 11-2 and then start from 7? -_-
    its not funny anymore to watch it
    your videos getting worse…more clickbaits and more "accidental WLAN cut" when ur loosing. Either live with it and show your watchers, that u can loose too

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