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Clash Royale – $500 CHEST OPENING! Night Witch Hunting

iOS: http://bit.ly/2suQf34
Android: http://bit.ly/2sur00T
PRIMO CODE: ty6n98pzgb

Let’s make in rain inside of Clash Royale and drop $500 in gems on a Super Magical Chest opening! We need as many chests as possible to max our final two legendary cards – the Bandit, and the Night Witch. Enjoy!
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  1. pat click on your teammates name in 2v2 you can see your teammates current 4 cards

  2. I got an ice wizard right now for my 3rd account haha

  3. shoot… spend some of that money on me…

  4. lol if 2v2 can earn trophies i will never touch ladder anymore

  5. Art of conquest is shit and no one plays it

  6. lesson for today: dont devote all your hopes on an xbow

  7. what happened to the skeleton is it supposed to be 4

  8. I never gonna spend money on such thing.

  9. i founden she in an wodden chest

  10. I'm not even kidding when I say this I was playing a 2v2 and my partner had all spells I was like the fuck and he kept spamming good luck and the crying emote

  11. i once spent 5$ on this and felt guilty

  12. Are you sure Galadon won't disown you cause of that rocket?

  13. Wow I got a sparky from golden chest

    Can I get likes for that

  14. Elite Barbarians=Joker

    Chief Pat=Batman

  15. I got night wich from silver chest

  16. Love the new 2v2, if it weren't for draft chests I wouldn't play the ladder

  17. I think you should have save your money for the new cards when they are released in the game. The mega knight is a legendary card and also so overpowered because of the splash and its tankiness.

  18. I got a legendary chest in 2v2 and I got the night witch

  19. 250$? This is why you miss your rockets man. You gotta learn

  20. lol pat jinxed himself 😂

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