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Clash Royale | FINALLY 4000 TROPHIES!! & New Balance Changes in Clash Royale

Clash Royale Finally Hit 4000 Trophies! Clash Royale New Balance Changes & Tough Battles!
Clash Royale 4000 Trophies! & High Level Gameplay!
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  1. really…. why does everyone with no skill have screw everything up.Also why are they still nerfing the pump.like actually…. the card wasn't even that good.and for players like me that use golem decks(high elixir) they are basically screwing my whole deck in the past upcoming updates.apparently they just want us to use hog decks.oh wait they will Nerf that once again.these updates are bs and they r making the game less fun.they are nearing all of the decent cards and barely buffing fen horrible one.this game is going to be another clash of clans. You're nerfs are indirectly FUCKING people who use off meta decks that use skill.supercell is just a bunch of greedy fucks.you should of only nerfed the time not the thing that makes the card what IT IS like on clash of clans.apparently supercell has no common sense.you literally screw over every card the giant was  only card that needed nerved.so basically screw off supercell

  2. Lol he at playing level 10s as a level 12 with max cards. Good job??. He not good at the game only good cause of his credit card.

  3. Hey timm I'm in your clan and it would be awesome if you made a clan tournament or something but loved the vid keep it up (Carlos tha God)

  4. Ben u need to start doing clash royale more Pokemon is fun and all but I miss ur clash royale videos

  5. you gotta stop wasting elixer. It puts you at a big disadvantage

  6. Ben your a level 12 why are you bellow 4 k am I the only one concerned ?

  7. Why the fuck did they remove the slowing feature from the poison? It's literally going to be an epic far worse than a rare card you can get from the beginning, a fireball.

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