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Clash Royale – FREEZE CHEESE! Favorite Ladder Deck

The freeze is real inside of the meta in Clash Royale right now – let’s take advantage of our favorite ice cold spell. Enjoy!

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  1. Get that new under armor sponsorship Patrick? Thought you were usually more of a Nike guy.

  2. Lmao a girl who thinks she can excels at something. Funny.

  3. Who got 15 wins in a new challange?

  4. Looks like you're gonna go golfing

  5. Pat, please do us a favor and use a other deck then this one. You used this deck the entire last season and tbh i personally am tired of seeing you play the same deck over and over again.

  6. Checked her Twitch
    It's being ruined by a man?


  7. I got 15-1 in the challenge.

    HELL YEAH!!!!

  8. Pat just rocking that shirt

  9. Hey Chief Pat have you heard of Brawl Stars? I know you do, maybe play some and just throw clash royale in the trashbag.

  10. You would have played with mortar deck

  11. Great vlog!Makes me wanna go there! Keep it up!

  12. Funny how 90% of decks that he uses aren't even his. Meanwhile people make their own decks and are under the shadows.

  13. Really annoys me when you assume the opponent has a certain deck. You behave like there are only 8 different decks in the game. You know people can create random decks right? Or tweak a deck to suit card levels. And because of the game meta, one deck can beat another almost exactly 50% of the time? @4.54 "we KNOW he has a log" 😂 you don't know shit dude. No log used in the entire battle.

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