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Clash Royale GEMMING MAX A LEGENDARY + Live Matches!

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  1. Only people without legendaries can like this comment

  2. What was the first song called?

  3. It's kinda sad how many people are so hungry and thirsty for likes. All I ever see is "Like this get a legendary" etc like come on

  4. Hit like if you have internet

  5. I just reached 4000 trophies

    I used this deck: golem(5), mega minion(8), tompstone(7), archers(10), zap(10), log(2), miner(2), baby dragon(4)

  6. damn Nick is prolly pulling six figures with only streaming a couple times a week. Way to make that dough boy

  7. Suburban extend individual lead leather respondent right concern pant

  8. I Know You Tried Hard with LAVAHUND BUT Please use THE Most Overpowered Deck LAVAHUND , InferrnoDragon THE Inferno, Zap , Lightning , Minoins Skarmy , AND Fire spirits..


  9. 1:09:30 lol. No explosion right as a boom sound effect plays

  10. Hey Nick, I really appreciate that you do 2 hours stream for us, but when you stream, the sound comes in delay, so if you have a option to play with the equlazer it will be great :)

  11. 1500 more subscribers till 2million….

  12. Ghost eight expose scheme extended guilt.

  13. Going to share the gIitch i've been doing for getting tons of G ems fast check out here – scoop.it/t/gaming-286/p/4073826900/2017/01/10/

  14. Everyone sub he's about to reach 2 mil!! He deserves it! (:

  15. nick dont  make live streams at midnight because then I cant see them live

  16. Nick why you don't use shuo or shou i don't remember what is it hh

  17. Did he miss that 50 dollar donation?

  18. Nick the arabs is the half of yours subs why you hate him and iam an arabic

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