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Clash Royale – GIANT PEKKA COMBO! Weird Meta Deck

One of the stranger decks in Clash Royale has made a return! It’s a double tank combo with both the PEKKA and Giant – check it out. Enjoy!
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  1. Giant three musketeers op af

  2. HEY GUYS i need the log. anyone want to trade for any other legends .. ???.

  3. 2legendries 2epic 2rare 2common deck

  4. play this pleas
    ice spiret
    mega mninen pleas in the ladeer

  5. So what happens when you battle a lavaloon deck?

  6. Pat can u make the screen clearer??? It always so blurry

  7. i think the deck sucks to bait and 3 musket decks

  8. what the fuck with the levels?
    when change the levels of the carts?
    wizard lvl 13??

  9. You are losing subscribe your subscribe is 25 million losing to 24 million why

  10. I'm gonna opt to say nothing about the thousand times you said "Opt"

  11. Chief trash back at it again

  12. Skeletons for quickle cyker

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