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Clash Royale – GRAND CHAMPION! Maxed Ladder Finish

Time is ticking in Clash Royale, but we have a little bit of time left to make our way to the top – let’s start by hitting Grand Champion. Enjoy!
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  1. Let this shit game die already

  2. You ask for tell me down below in the comment section but u don't read anyone sir….
    If u do so u might have loved some and thanks for ur subs congratulating you

  3. Лох холдик проиграл

  4. 05:40 it's not rockets only…. Poison added to list

  5. Well done Patty Cakes 🤙🏼

  6. what could i substitute for bandit in this deck

  7. hey chief nice video,
    could you do a castle burn rewiev?
    brand new on global release

  8. How come when Pat goes into sudden death it lasts for 3 minutes, but when I go into sudden death it only lasts for 1 minute?

  9. the deck you'r using seems pretty fun except there is one problem, I don't have miner or royal ghost

  10. Making mistakes here and there = playing good

  11. Roses are red
    That part is true
    Violet is violet
    And not freaking blue

  12. So they still havent nerfed the noob rider? These dudes…

  13. Se fosse o jack 2.6 garotinhoo ja era kkkk

  14. Lmao no I’m just done. Lmaoooooo

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