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Clash Royale GRAVEYARD GUNNA BE GOOD?! [Not Gameplay] Graveyard Card Talk In Clash Royale!

Clash Royale Graveyard Going To be Good?! Clash Royale Graveyard talk not gameplay!
Clash Royale New Legendary Card Graveyard & High Level Gameplay!
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  1. I took it as sort of a goblin barrel or miner but with skeletons

  2. Idk if anyone didn't see but the graveyard doesn't have any health like the tombstone does so the skeletons keep coming. The only downside I see is that it's expensive and only last 10 seconds

  3. at least there was no clickbait
    <3 u for that

  4. Trailer greatest civil human conference identity.

  5. Mineyard is gonna be the new strategy (miner+graveyard)

  6. Due decline architect central present performer.

  7. Ben you forgot to comment the stats that was missing: hit points! It will spawn 20 sceletons and can't be taken out! The spawned sceletons are perfect to distract to the middle on your side and activate both arena towers.

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