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Clash Royale ICE GOLEM… 6 different ICE GOLEM decks!

Clash Royale Ice Golem Deck!Hope you enjoy todays Clash Royale Deck! Let me know what kind of Clash Royale Videos you want to see down below! You guys are the best, I love you! Keep Calm and Clash On!
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  1. Just 2 elixir! Wow! So cheap.. I think one of the most perfect deck for the Ice Golem is: Ice Golem, Hog Rider, Goblins (Ice Pig Push)?❄️

  2. You should do a deck of troops who drop things
    Dark prince
    Mega minion
    Giant skeleton
    Ice golem

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  4. I just got a legendary chest! 1st time ever ?

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  6. 100 like and molt will start being funny

  7. Spread the love guys
    A great reminder; especially if you're feeling down or unimportant lately! YOU MATTER,YOU'RE IMPORTANT,YOU'RE LOVED,AND YOUR PRESENCE ON THIS EARTH MAKES A DIFFERENCE WHETHER YOU SEE IT OR NOT! <3 🙂

    -Just some love from a regular person like you on youtube :)

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