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Clash Royale – LEGENDARY HUNT! More Chest Openings

Let’s go on the hunt for more legendary cards inside of Clash Royale, and pop open some Super Magical Chest openings to make it happen. In between chest openings, we’ll hit a Grand Challenge & try to pick up as many wins as possible – enjoy!
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  1. can u please show miner decks with only legendary Miner

  2. I wanna see your FAVORITE and/or BEST challenge now! Since the new balance changes!!

  3. I got my first legendary as a F2P, it was the ice wizard..

  4. I used your deck in a grand challenge got six wins and the got a miner

  5. I don't have a legendary at all and just got legendary chest today should I wait for electro wiz

  6. The sad thing is that level 8 got further then me in most grand challenges. (Im lvl 9)

  7. Yo everybody join my new clan
    Death Patrol
    Leader – sikskarekrow

  8. hey guys all u need to get a lot of G  E MS fast is use the gIitch online here disq.us/t/2do78dy?clash

  9. did we tell u the name of the game boyyyy we call. it riding the gravy. traaaaiiin

  10. I'm still waiting for my first legendary and I'm in arena 8

  11. Could you do a video with a sparky?

  12. Wow I'm only seeing this?! 2,155,4 subscriber CONGRATS!

  13. chief pat if you use sparky please use my deck, it would be an honor its giant, sparky, archers, mega minion, ice golem, pump, zap, log please try it on leaderboard im at 4500

  14. Go watch my videos for more clash Royale and other fun games coming soon

  15. Ceremony sign favorite carefully marketing hers sufficient chapter.

  16. I'm in arena 7 and I don't have a legendary

  17. bro please try!
    Elite barbarians , Princess ,ice spirit ,ice golen, zap, hog rider, mega minion deck!

  18. Subbing to anyone who likes this comment and subscribes to me

  19. Chief pat logic
    *Zaps skeleton army
    We've got this game in the bag.

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