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Clash Royale MY BEST Deck, EVER!!

Clash Royale Deck – my most successful and best deck I’ve used in Royale, winning more battles in ladder and challenge play – check it out! Let me know if you use thei Clash Royale strategy!

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Music: Instrumental Core / Really Slow Motion


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  1. yea correct,no need to apologize thats what he should have got

  2. I think it was a good call to kick him!!! What he did was just rude and if your clan is not about bm then he deserved to be kicked. Good for you on standing up with what your clan represents!!

  3. loving the explanation, much clan represents #J4DOLLAZGAMING and I love u stand for that. Lost phoenix..the Holding cell is my family. come let's war..we're lev 11 too. we just want an awesome experience, we're mostly disabled vets so don't care about money, we just need to get outta our heads and that's what #J4DOLLAZGAMING stands for. you motivated me to stay true. thank I

  4. I have experimented with several similar control and chip Decks. The Guards are actually now entering my favourite Cards list – they are just amazing at controlled defensive maneuvers, and can help counter almost every heavy pushing strategy, against tanks or support units! I also love using the Miner as he offers such a unique new facet to the Deck. Finally, Log is also one of my most prized control Cards and I love it! Currently using a Log control Deck featuring Hog, Rocket and Mini Pekka – I an actually wrecking opponents!

  5. I completely agree with you. Nobody who GOES OUT OF THEIR WAY to make someone's playing experience negative will not be a member of my clan.

  6. Look about Galadons video yesterday: Like he said "everything that is in the game is fair play" and emotes are part of the game as a whole. There is the mute button but it only slightly helps when "muting" the opponent. I can definatly see why it was bad manners what he did, but its part of the game, it partially what makes clash royale a fun game, but also a very annoying game, because of emotes (and of course losing). So overall I think Galadon shouldn't have kicked him as emotes is part of the game. If supercell don't want it in the game, remove it! Also at some point you will eventually have to accept it that its part of the game and deal with it.

  7. Why hate on seige decks? They're not easy to use and have some super hard counters. Also I'm in a Phonecats clan and we have a zero tolerance policy for bm so I support your decision that guy would make people think less of you and you don't want/ need that

  8. he @ galadon,can i join your main clan? im a lvl 10 with 3900/4000 trophiees?

  9. I dislike the BM just because it's immature IMO. Be a good sport, win or lose, and have fun. I'm with you Galadon, stay positive. Btw, I love the deck. I used a similar one with a hog instead of miner because I don't use the miner yet. Works great! Keep up the great work!

  10. galodon join my clan and watch my replay with the graveyard spell please it was so amazing a fast 1 crown and i beat a the musketeer deck

  11. Galadon BM's at 6:12 am here kick your self from your clan now.

  12. galadon you shouldn't have even brought it up again in this video lol. Over half of your subs are most likely immature 10 to 16 year olds who won't acknowledge that it's your clan and you can do whatever you feel is necessary for it.

  13. also i dont know how to get in contact with u but im just trying to comment on ur youtube channel and hopefully u get back to me

  14. what can I replace the log with? do you think arrows is a good replacement for the log?

  15. subscribe me and ill sub with 10 active ids

  16. Someone once joined my clan after beating me. I was experimenting with decks and was well below where I should have been in trophies. He shared the replay and mocked me for my low trophies. He kept joining over a few days and kept saying nasty things.

    Someone from my clan joined his clan. He gained their trust and gained status. He then waited for a quiet moment and kicked most of the members.

    So yeah, don't join other clans to harass. It might backfire.

  17. hey i am a lvl 8 in frozen peak . Can i join ur clan or any of ur associated clans

  18. Hey galadon as you yourself have said if it's in the game why not use it ?

  19. #galamomlove hope your mother gets better soon

  20. he says he doesn't like when people bm him, then goes on to say he wants them to add more to the game, that doesn't make any sense.

  21. The mute sucks, I agree with you galadoon

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