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Clash Royale NEW TROOPS!? – Clash Royale Brawl Stars Challenge

Today we play the clash royale brawl stars challenge! I love clash Royale and Brawl Stars, so this challenge is awesome! Hope you guys enjoy!
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Today in the clash royale video we go into the touchdown mode and talk about …


  1. I did so bad I only got one win lol😭😢

  2. Everyone knows it's magical archer and the hunter

  3. I remember when clash Royale was actually popular and molt and Nick always got millions of views

  4. I replayed this mode 6 times because of how fun it is, I wish it was permanent.

  5. Have molt ever played with her wife ??? As nick did

  6. Did molt ever played with his wife??? As nick did

  7. I’m new to brawl stars, seems pretty cool

  8. I just played a match with you molt

  9. They aren’t new they’re kinda like skins

  10. Molt when are you going to bring back btb battles

  11. He got defeated by orange juice teqm in brawls stars

  12. I wish I could join the clan i am getting close ☹️☹️☹️ name – THE FLASH

  13. Maybe it was just me but super laggy facecam👎

  14. I want to join your clan plz………

  15. Plz replay me bro i want to join your clan

  16. This is one of the few challenges I got all the wins for

  17. BEST DECK EVER PUSHED ME UP SO FAR: Balloon, Inferno Dragon, Mega Knight, Barb Barrel, Skelly Army, Hunter, Zap, Fire Spirits. King level 9 beating king level 12 in challenger because of this.

  18. I wanna see more of ur hot girlfriend on ur youtube stories

  19. I love youre videos MOLT! Looks like youre loving the game again and love making videos! Keep it up, we all enjoy watching👍

  20. Wtf clash royale in 2018? :/ nana

  21. Who else got a brawl stars ad

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