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Clash Royale – ONLY GOBLINS! Funny Troll Deck

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Let’s pop into a new Clash Royale video where we’re ONLY going to be using goblins inside of our match! It’s going to be a bit hectic, but hopefully we can pull out some wins using these green goons. Enjoy!
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  1. What about a Goblin Giant !!??

  2. can you play clash of clans again i miss thoes videos

  3. when pat open up his giant chest, he got the exact same card as me!!

  4. godson orgasmed when he saw this video lol

  5. Chief Pat the bowler is a goblin

  6. Next time war with just skeletons

  7. plz suggest an app for India which can give us free points to by gems in clash royale

  8. Pat plzz…..suggest a app from which we can get free points as fast as we can….plzz


  10. b e s t m e t h o d i n 2 k 1 7 t o g e t t i n g f r e e g e m s a n d g o l d l i n k h e r e getpocket.com/s/M5mK8?CRFREEGemsAndGold

  11. I have an idea for a challenge called the double challenge where you attempt to play on both of your accounts at the same time one finger each

  12. Hey you didn't say Royal GG! Good job! 😉

  13. I guess you could say that that deck is… Ri'deck'ulous

  14. hey guys i am going to make a new clan for people with trophies above 1000-only active players that can get more than 15 crowns per clan chest , if you join i will make you a shout out video and i have over 18k subs, so you will get more than 18k subscribers or followers on your desired social media site.. THE Clan is called loading…..- the clan tag is #29J8YVQG. I will also be doing a 10,000 gem tournament at the end of every month for the clan, so please join and tell your friends. some of you won't believe that i will do tournaments but i have 20k subscribers and i make a lot of money from them so i use the money to support my clash royale.

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