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Supercell has lost their mind and buffed a Clash Royale card that didn’t need it – by using a Twitter poll! Check it out & let me know what you guys think below. Enjoy!
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  1. If any legendary needs a buff, it would be megaknight

  2. Never feel the ice wizard can be op until I watch your vid

  3. Ive been playin this deck for like three weeks…

  4. Inferno tower needs a buff out of all the options

  5. Pls come back to clash of clans because there gonna be more goblin maps

  6. Inferno Tower and Recruits are suck now, and they will buff Ice Wizz? Nice idea 😀

  7. You yourself have voted for the ice wiz! WTF! Hit like if you noticed it!

  8. What if they also revamped the poison to lower the tower and units power and speed in the AoE😂

  9. 9:55 wouldn't really change anything maybe the left hog comes to the tore slower but not much change😑

  10. Ice wiz is crap has no dmage even at max level needs a damage and hit speed buff

  11. It's my favourite card ice wiz

  12. Can you gem my account pls

  13. Bomber would have been a nerf, easy positive elixir trades with log, Arrow.

  14. The game is broken! Numnuts!

  15. ice wiz needs a buff… oh wait mines lvl 9 maybe thats why it fucking sucks xD

  16. The deck is strong and i hate graveyard,but congrats on the W's
    But..i cant see you bruh 👀

  17. rip rr could have bean meta again

  18. I would've LOVED to see the bomber be 2 elixir

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