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FINALLY!! This Clash Royale Deck is AMAZING! BREAKING 4900 TROPHIES!

Hope you enjoy todays Clash Royale Deck! Let me know what kind of Clash Royale Videos you want to see down below! You guys are the best, I love you! Keep Calm and Clash On!
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  1. I have an idea for a challenge. You get to chose each other's decks, then you start at arena 5, if Molt wins, you move to arena 4 and nick gets to swap a card of his choice to a card of his choice, if nick wins, you move to arena 6 and Molt gets to change one of his cards, then you go rack and fourth until you're at arena 1 or 9, and for example Molt is losing, gets to either swap two of his cards, or let Nick swap one of his cards but Molt gets to swap two of nicks cards. If Molt then looses that match, he looses the challenge and Nick wins.

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