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  1. nick i can beat u in clash

  2. dear nickatnyte, when is your next fan mail unboxing? I would want to send to you my clash royal comic series no. 1 in your next unboxing and continuously until I run out of ideas for the comic. I hope you are doing just fine!

  3. i got my first legendary card from this challenge: electro wizard at 5 wins

  4. weird, everyone's getting the night witch. I got it out of a free chest no lie.

  5. Nick can you lower the trophy count on warriors to 100 thanks,if you can

  6. hi nik i am plying clash royal but u am stuck i arena 8 can you give me a good deck and how u can get free gemes googl play my name is batman 11 i see your videos and like all your videos so please answer 😊😊😊

  7. What screen recorder do you use?

  8. they should make a card called balanced.
    cost 1

    speed lumberjack

    damage sparky

    health max golem

    damage air and ground

    spawns lvl 5 mega Knight's

    death damage 2x of lvl 8 gaint skeleton

  9. and my email is batmanson8 i dont no if you need it

  10. Third acc : NiggarNyte

  11. can you make a video of my deck is good infrno jra pecke princec goblin gang arches fir ball zap

  12. sorry nit fir ball hog rider and valrkry

  13. and so sorry about the bad splling

  14. the bats are so cute i wanna squish one

  15. I am a big fan of you Nickatnyteyt

  16. Can we reach 20 subs? Then I'm gonna start with Clash Of Clans videos. So sub me please;)

  17. One more subs Nickatnyt💜

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