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HOW TO – SECRET BASE in MINECRAFT 1.14 – Redstone Entrance

Today in minecraft we make a new secret base in 1.14. We use redstone and make a secret door in the side of a cliff. I hope you all have been enjoying all the minecraft videos lately as well as the clash royale videos!
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  1. Add a rail system to your secret cave

  2. We are going to use a
    And that's Belle Delphine

  3. Hey Bro I Got A Match With You I Beat You Clash Royal My Name Is – Arup Warrior

  4. cool! Those mine/underground mansion videos will be awesome! I can't wait to see you and nick having fun around this thing! Thanks, look forward to seeing the stream!


  6. Water sheep is in Molts pool

  7. Is he using a texture pack???

  8. You can make an opening by putting a button on the wall with the torch to open it again

  9. Someone tell me how he made the exit please.

  10. Woahhh bro I clicked on this vid thinking that this was a video made by like one of those fancy red stone channels. clicks video MOLT: Hey guyz….
    Me: WTF is my yt broken

  11. Love that your playing minecraft again I love the game

  12. Molt make a pulse extender

  13. Use a pulse extender by using comparators to delay the door

  14. Molt hit me up and I will make a secret base for you

  15. Molt lmao I played with a fake molt today and I thought it was real . I was playing brawl stars and his name was MOLT_YT and he was using a bibi and I was playing brawl ball and my name is bot niqqa Diego

  16. Hey molt, what about do a tutorial video teaching us how Redstone works because i'm new to minecraft and i didn't find an easy vid to help me

  17. Molt(clash Royale)we are going to GO mini Pekka miner prince…
    Molt (Minecraft)we are going to GO sticky piston..
    Regular Minecraft player so I’m gonna PLACE..

  18. yo molt, can you get rid of the shader. it makes the video harder to watch

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