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LEGENDARY CHEST DECK on LADDER!? Clash Royale Random Gemming Deck!

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LEGENDARY CHEST DECK on LADDER!? Clash Royale Random Gemming Deck!

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  1. Nick try this deck golem, witch, tornado, lumberjack, baby dragon, mega minion, bump, log

  2. Did anyone else see Phils name lol. Wasn’t Phil. “Feel” lol. Nick read his name but not all of it Would have been so funny

  3. DEAR NICK, i have told u this many times i don't know if u remember i like to see u with my deck plzz__-(PEKKA, BALLOON,WIZ, BABY DRAG,FREEZE,ROCKET,SKARMY, MINION HORDE))HOPE U DO IT ONLY ONE TIME

  4. Who else loves Clash Royale and nickatnyte

  5. His face when he saw it did 59 damage

  6. Hey Nick! You can check this game mode from Spanish youtuber Alvaro845, he calls it "Trollchest" love the video, as always. Love from Argentina man!

  7. Lol that face at the end was so funny 😂😂😂😂

  8. "I was gonna run away, but I realized that I've only done two matches…" I was completely sure that you were going to 🙂 you're the best Nick

  9. 11:15 my favorite part of the video Hahahahahah dang love the videos keep up the amazing work

  10. Keep doing what you’re doing ‘cause you’re already doing it

  11. When u try your best but u don't get hearteeeeed

  12. Hopefully the next one will be even better

  13. Gaint snowball wasted at the end!!😂😂😂

  14. NickatNyte i love your videos man!. Specially the Boom Beach videos. Please make more boom beach videos.

  15. lol, so the run away is a sign of an end of a vid eh?

    also you went down a league thats why it popped up

  16. Nick:How much does a snowball do?

    Nick also
    FifTy NiNe

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