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*NEW* All LEGENDARY Deck Clash Royale Royal Ghost

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  1. Omg I'm a big fan love ur channel I've subscribed a turned on notification I have a deck I'll like you to try it works for me and I hope it works for you, the deck is golem, night witch, skeleton army, graveyard, executioner, bats, arrows, elixir collector

  2. The ghost changed targets because the Golem pushed him out of tower range

  3. Molt: I know he is a level 8, but that is a LITTLE advantage!

    Lvl 8: F*ck I am facing a Molt (lvl 13) he is super good!

  4. MOLT why are you not playing bloons?

  5. I feel like royal ghost should be 4 elixr

    Like if u agree

  6. I think Royal ghost, Royal Giant, bowler, night witch could be a great deck. Maybe cannon cart instead of royal giant or even minions instead of night witch.

  7. I don't need do you recorder, I already have built in 4k recorder on my Samsung s8+

  8. No hate but isn't it BM on your first match? Since you literally get offended by a casual "well played" and "good game" on your other videos.
    Again, no hate and I love Molt and his content✌

  9. Why the hell is he being a girl and playing a challenge….he probs knows they are all underleveled people,hes scared for good trophie content which people care about for some molt reason

  10. F*** molts challenge push….i miss when he made videos for trophie content which got his top views and not now when he does challenges just to keep is upload consistent,just play for trophies and not this advanced version of a trainer camp

  11. I think he Let u win cause u are molt

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