Today Clash Royale announced the new Royal Hogs and the Snowball! Also, they leaked new emotes in a video they posted. Hope you enjoy the Clash Royale video today! The June update looks great!

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  1. i want a text box so you can say whatever for emotes

  2. Play btd battle again, not just btd6

  3. How you are able to play with these cards? They are not released yet.

  4. Who makes a CR vid when there maxed out with low trophies, 🤣🤣🤣, go back to birthday balloons ✌

  5. Looks like they didnt give molt the developer build lmao

  6. Molt please play Pubg for at least one video
    Cos I didn't feel like watching other youtubers playing pubg

  7. Rip XXX😩😩😩☠️☠️☠️

  8. Play some more Brawl Stars

  9. Ure intros are so amazing..I repeat it about 10 times before watching the video..👍👍👍

  10. Bro how can u play with em

  11. please say how yo download fortnite battle royal for windows 7 64bits without errors in installation please

  12. Royal snowball and giant hogs

  13. Brawl Stars dropped the Update!

  14. I have my last clan chest I can't screenshot my phone is broke😭😂

  15. Can you make lumber jack deck.

  16. When did this turn Chinese

  17. you gonna play draft with the new cards with nick? i really miss those videos.

  18. Yeah supercell really fell off

  19. No dev build for Molt anymore?

  20. Why won't anyone address the biggest issues with this game. The cards that truly need nerfs (golem, hog, RG, Peeka), copy and paste/meta decks every single match, and brainless zombies simply copying decks used by others….. oh wait said that twice!

    Game modes should be: draft (get what you get), 2v2 (chance to play with someone else), and 3x elixir (just plain fun carnage).

    The wars are crap!! Ladder is horribly broken!! It's gets insanely boring facing the same 4 decks match after match!!

    CR IS DEAD!!!!

  21. yay i can finaly now see who's paying to win from their emotes

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