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Today in Clash Royale we hope into the touchdown mode challenge and crush it! I really hope you guys enjoy todays video, it was actually a lot of fun to make. Let me know how you all feel about clash royale down below!
– DISC GOLF – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoP-HJIVAQyPpvu5QwT2DLQ


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  1. I used Royal Hogs + Freeze + Rage. And won the entire challenge!🐖❄️🔮

  2. 58°F not to hot not to coldit's the best

  3. I totally got you it would have made me rage

  4. Everyone: brings ram rider, hog rider, and battle ram
    Me with Ebarbs and Wall Breakers: "Something's wrong. I can feel it."

  5. Wow. Always pegged you as a 71° kinda guy but you picked 72° smh

  6. I actually thought he was masturbating in the first few seconds

  7. This was the most annoying challenge i have ever had, it was no skill just spam (hog,royal hogs,battleram,ramrider) who ever has them in cycle wins

  8. a multi billion company didn't know how to programm correctly….just sad

  9. Molt what's wrong with emoting in touchdown its fine

  10. Next time use royale hogs and rage em

  11. OMG ur still making vids
    I remember when u played that balloon game where u put down monkeys and u 1v1 to not let the balloons past

  12. you have allll the right to be frustrated man 😂 what happened was a total joke.. anw another great vid 👍🏻

  13. I would be pissed too if that ram rider did it when I play

  14. Lol I live in mid England, 68-72 is a hot day 😂 40 degrees here atm and I quite enjoy that. My favourite is around 60

  15. Tbf I would have found it funny if it were me, but I spend most of my time playing meme decks and throwing ladder matches because I got bored of stressful the game can be when you take it seriously. So I agree, a year ago i would have been very annoyed, but now i genuinely would have found that funny.

  16. Same I prefer the cold weather because my body gets heated fast so this weather is perfect for me. To answer your question MOLT 60-70 is my preference. Also I have sweet tooth nothing wrong with that lol. Question for everyone out there who plays Royale regularly…Is anyone else getting Legendary’s in Gold chest so far I’ve gotten 2 in a row.

  17. If my ram rider got stuck cause she thicc i would of broke my phone already

  18. Also silver dude was being funny wit the emotes, he wasnt bming, he cheered when you got a touchdown, not everyone who emotes is doing it to bm I try to do it to lighten the mood or react to funny interactions. You sent a "wow" to that 1 dude when your hog rider made it, that's way more bm.

  19. My favorite temperature is 50 degrees.

  20. Yeah, the physics can get annoying in this mode, but I don't think they can fix it without screwing up the main game. It's the same mechanic that keeps your support troops behind your tank.

  21. Did anyone see the description lol it said we hope into the touchdown mode

  22. He’s saying 72 is cold where I live the average is in the twenty’s

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