Clash Royale New Legendary Challenge with Nickatnyte!
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  1. Supercell:ice wiz gets a buff
    Me:ok(checks his area damage)
    Me:mind blown

  2. The teammates really held me back in this challenge…

  3. Did anyone else notice that he unlocked the cannon cart?

  4. 26:6 oh… this is so frustrating

  5. I had 12 wins on my first try with a golem beatdown deck

  6. I got 12 wins with xbow, ice spirit, log, mini pekka,, tombstone, knight, fire spirits and ice wiz. 😊wish everyone the best. I got graveyard from the legendary chest and then got miner out of the chest you open after

  7. as if nick needs the legendary lol hes got every card

  8. my first princess, from the ten win chest

  9. I know youtubers dont like these types of comment but can people checkout my channel please

  10. I was so close to winning that challenge and then I lost at 10

  11. I just made it to legendary arena! Like if you recently made it to legendary!

  12. I went 12-0 with the log bait deck. I got trash from both chests though. How did everybody else do?

  13. make a deck out of cards you get of a couple of chests

  14. I got eight wins but still got bandit from the chest

  15. My brother is in arena 10 he got to 4 wins and he got the bandit

  16. Im so happy about getting your jumper for my birthday

  17. In battle 4 or 5 you had a mini Pekka near tower around 1400 hp, Ice wiz near bridge hitting princess, the guy logged your wiz and Pekka pushing them apart, he tried to lightning the wiz, Pekka, and tower. You thought he hit your tower with lightning, but the princess hit the Pekka+tower. The lightning then killed the pekka w/o hitting the wiz or tower. It was a pretty cool play 👍

  18. Watched 30 minutes to see him fail

  19. Come in my New clan in clash royal dutch hero's

  20. Remember when sweat bands,sneakers and balance ribbons were popular

  21. Enjoy the struggle to be MVP!

    Verify plaz.

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