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THREE BRIDGES in a Clash Royale Update? Play Testing CONFIRMED!

Clash Royale updates are frequent and exciting – as are Clash Royale ‘leaks’ – many have heard about or even perhaps SEEN the rumored ‘three bridges’ or “third lane” in Clash Royale – I’m happy to shed some light on this issue and give you the word, STRAIGHT from the Clash Royale team at Supercell!

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  1. Hey Galadon, couple of ideas.
    You Choose Challenge.
    Each player creates a deck for the opponent to use, you know what you will be facing but no idea what you have to play with.
    The Rarity Challenge.
    Only cards from a specific rarity can be used to create your deck.
    Or even Training Camp Challenge.
    The Even Trade Challenge.
    Players are given the same deck to play, you have to outwit your opponent to win.
    Hope I have been helpful.
    Thanks for the videos.

  2. Full hand challenge: Your hand is 8 cards, meaning you can play the same card twice in a row without cycling. Would create some interesting strategy

  3. golem mites's challange every unit explodes into two smaller same unit doing lesser damage and less health.

  4. Two ideas I've had for a long time:
    1: a challenge where the max elixir you can have at one time is set to 20

    2: a challenge where you can't see or hear anything on the other person's side (it's blocked by fog or something idk)

  5. Galadon how do i contact you via email i have a epic replay for you 🙂

  6. What about one bridge challenge

  7. they need to in tournaments have a clan vs clan like in clash of clans like have the match making with the different players in the different arenas against each other like an arena 9 vs 9 and 5 vs 5 or by player lvl almost matching a player vs player within the clan vs clan and the clan with the most crowns at the end wins

  8. Make a team challenge : both players on a team can deploy 4 troops and je get elixir half as fast

  9. The equal challenge: all cards for both players are of the same rarity; all commons, rares, epic, or legendary.

  10. If I could add a challenge it would be the time warp challenge and it would be that time slowly speeds up until double elixir. That would mean if the max speed it could reach is X2 or X3 then you could have 4 or 6 times the elixir generation. Think about that

  11. They should bring challenges into their own leaderboards , have them as there separate mode in where people can have leaderboards for that specific mode

  12. legendaries, EPICS, rare, or common card challenges. only Epics, only use rares, or only use legendaries, and only use commons

  13. is this bitch peter17$? or do they just have the same voice?

  14. How about clan wars on clash royale instead?

  15. Can you make any video now without click baiting?! Pathetic

  16. 2v2 like in Star Wars force arena

  17. Well, we could have a few modes, like "Casual Mode", "Normal Mode" or Overpowered Mode. It would be interesting. Example, we can practice in Casual Mode and not lose / earn trophies, Normal Mode being the normal way of battling and Overpowered Mode, where we can use cards that we have yet unlocked and maybe have three crown towers? idk, drop a like if you like this idea for Galadon to see ^^

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