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What does the Flying Machine do!? • Clash Royale New Card

Today we use the flying machine in Clash Royale! I hope you guys enjoy the video! Clash on!
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  1. am sooo done with this game i was like 1 win away and got matched with som fucking op dude and gave me a shitty deck and lost it😡😡😡

  2. I unlocked it😆😆😆😆😅😅😅😅🙂🙂😥😥😀

  3. Molt huge fan of your videos and also nicks i would love to get into your clan but i know thats not gonna happen any time soon because i only have 3000 trophies but are there any clans you personally recomend for a 3000 trophie guy like me would really apreciate your help gamertag MonkeyMan 😉

  4. How are they playing each other?

  5. So happy to see you happy in the thumbnail

  6. it's funny how master builder is in flying machine

  7. Its not bad u r not playing it right

  8. Hey molt can you make me a arena 7 deck I only have log and ice wiz for legandarys

  9. Molt
    Can u please make a deck with a cannon cart and a flying machine?

  10. Do you stop and think before making the title of the video? “What does the flying machine do?!”
    Wow huh I wonder it seems pretty straight forward if you have a brain.
    How about “flying machine gameplay or review” something more interesting

  11. we had the flying machine for a long time now, talkin bout private servers

  12. 虽然我只打到十胜,但是能拿到15000金币,足够100000让我升满“特斯拉电磁塔” *超开心的!

  13. when you get 6 wins and then lose 3 times in a row

  14. Molt i want to thank you, i copied one of your decks when i was looking at your profile and with that deck i went from 2700 to 3000 without losing once so thanks ❤

  15. How you both are playing each other in challenge 😮😮😨😨😨😵😵😵

  16. This is a goblin. -__- he has got 0 brain cells 1 like =1 brain cell 1 subscriber= 2 brain cells

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